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  1. Chapter of the Vermin Domain
    by Vermicular Incubation
  2. Eradication
    by Temple Of Demigod
  3. Profane Doctrine
    by Temple Of Demigod
  4. Onslaught Of The Ancient Gods
    by Temple Of Demigod
  5. Carol Of The Bells (metal cover)
    by Temple Of Demigod
  6. Keeper Of The Arcane Lore
    by Temple Of Demigod
  7. The Great Old Ones
    by Temple Of Demigod
  8. Amorphous (Ft. Kieran Scott)
    by Temple Of Demigod
  9. Festival of the Dead
    by Temple Of Demigod
  10. Jingle Bells Cthulhu Bells
    by Temple Of Demigod
  11. Goatacalypse
    by Bite The Goat
  12. The Drunken Hunter
    by Moon Presence
  13. Conjuring Damnation EP
    by To Obey A Tyrant
  14. Cool Patrol
    by Ninja Sex Party
  15. FACELIFT DEFORMATION - Dominating The Extermination
    by Facelift Deformation
  16. Pathology
  17. Revelations
    by Salem Burning
  18. Blood Moon (single)
    by Salem Burning
  19. Doombound
    by Abyss Above
  20. Nex Omne
    by Gamma Sector
  21. Conspiranoic
    by Reptilium
  22. Erit Sanguis
    by Soiled by Blood
  23. Soundtrack of an Upcoming Apocalypse
    by Parental Advisory
  24. Aetas Anthropophagorum
    by Parental Advisory
  25. The Anatomy of Execution
    by Strychnia
  26. Into The Catacombs
    by Strychnia
  27. FLESH
    by FLESH
  28. Ashes
  29. Decay Of Humanity
  30. Welcome to the Scratching Post
    by Litterbox Massacre
  31. DeathDealer
    by Fleshburner
  32. Solitude Of Inhumane Suffering EP
    by Dremora
  33. Blood Doctrines
    by Iscariot
  34. My Soul To Take
    by Mire Lore
  35. Samsara
    by Venom Prison
  36. Animus Deluxe Edition
    by Venom Prison
  37. Dehumanization by Supremacy | EP
  38. Into the Infinite
    by Wolf King
  39. Lord of Wither
    by Shepherd of Rot
  40. Void of Devouring Luminescence (EP)
    by Angel Splitter
  41. GRIM
    by PRY
  42. Into the Mouth of Hell
    by Sold Soul
  43. For I Am Genocide
    by Mass Infection
  44. Shadows Became Flesh
    by Mass Infection
  45. Arcane Dominion
    by Torturous Inception