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  1. Sludgefuck Blues
    by Dreadbeggar
  2. Onwards and Downwards
    by Alastor
  3. Celestial Blues
    by King Woman
  4. Vænir
    by Monolord
  5. At the Maw of Ruin
    by Green Druid
  6. Plague
    by Heave Blood & Die
  7. Seeds
    by Domkraft
  8. Bearer of Many Names (Sludge/Doom Metal)
    by EREMIT (Germany)
  9. Uinuos Syömein Sota
    by Havukruunu
    Kuin Öinen Meri Kuin Öinen Meri
    There's a lot of fucking hot shit in there.
  10. Collapse and Fail
  11. Arsen
    by ARSEN
  12. Black Hole Mass
    by DÖ
  13. Gravity
    by Black Spirit Crown
  14. Let It Burn
    by REZN
  15. Optic Echo
    by REZN
  16. A Black Mile To The Surface
    by manchester orchestra
  17. LUX
    by In the Company of Serpents
  18. All The Kings Must Burn
    by Without Light
  19. Industrial Nightmare
    by Voidlurker
  20. Gospel of the Vile
    by Dwaal
    Obsidian Heart Burns Obsidian Heart Burns
    Norway, 10 Points ;)