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  1. How Does The Story Go?
    by Sprints
  2. The Air in Utopia is Poison
    by Leg Puppy
  3. let's play pretend
    by Abbie Ozard
  4. BFE67 Sophie Du Palais - Endurance Of Pain Is The Power Of Being LP
    by Btx3R/F01101/Exe.
  5. Dick Pic (open that inbox)
    by Leg Puppy
    appears in 1 other collection
  6. The Mutt's Nuts
    by Chubby and the Gang
  7. Scout EP
    by Samia
  8. A Song For Those Who Speed In Built-up Areas
  9. Lightning Don't Strike Twice/Life's Lemons
    by Chubby and the Gang
  10. Hologram EP
    by A Place To Bury Strangers
  11. Your profile is dope
    by Leg Puppy
  12. The Alias Sessions
    by Murcof
  13. Planetary Shift
    by Graywave
    Wow! .... 😮 Just wow! Birminghams best kept secret is about to go stratospheric!
    This is shoegaze as it was always meant to sound..... and I was around in the 90s to see the like of Slowdive/Pale Saints/Telescopes/Chapterhouse/Catherine Wheel/MBV and even Swervedriver and this collection takes all the best bits of those bands and spits them out in a beautiful cacophony of flooding guitar, drums that'll bust yer ribcage and a soaring vocal that will break yer heart.
  14. Enclosures
    by Craven Faults
  15. Erratics & Unconformities
    by Craven Faults
  16. In Waiting
    by Pillow Queens
  17. BFE29 Tools You Can Trust - Working And Shopping LP
    by Btx3R/F01101/Exe.
  18. Emergency Telephone
    by Billy Nomates
  19. Swallow
    by Graywave
  20. Borderline / Declare
    by Italia 90