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  1. Hategod Triumph [Album]
    by Creeping Fear
  2. Hollow Earth Theory
    by Incinery
  3. Howling From the Deep (reissue 2017)
    by GROND
  4. Tropical Sun
    by FULCI
  5. Evil Upheaval (Death Metal)
    by DEPRAVITY (Australia)
  6. Neon Graves (Death Metal/Crust)
    by GOREGӒNG (US)
  7. Priest Of Lucifer X
    by GumoManiacs
  8. Halls of Extinction
    by Invicta
  9. The Tower of the Morbid (Death Metal)
    by PAGANIZER (Sweden)
  10. Morbid Prophecy
    by The Bleeding
    This album is amazing,a relentless death metal assault that leave the listener wanting more.
  11. Revenant
    by Inferi
  12. Built to Destroy
    by Incite
  13. Vindictive Miscreant (Death Metal)
    by MASTER (Czech Republic)
  14. The Ones Who Came Back [Album]
    by Storm Upon The Masses
  15. Dead, Bound and Buried
    by Incinery
  16. Fragments of Psyche
    by Gruesome
  17. Sentient
    by Nucleus
  18. Twisted Prayers
    by Gruesome
  19. Cloaks of Oblivion
    by Eruption
  20. Where Compassion Comes to Die
    by Pemphigoid