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  1. Equinox Vigil
    by Inexorum
  2. Liminal Rite
    by Kardashev
  3. Still as the Night, Cold as the Wind
    by Vital Spirit
  4. False Light
    by White Ward
    Leviathan Leviathan
    "Leviathan" is my song of the year so far.
  5. The Buried Storm
    by Darkher
    Almost six years after the amazing "Realms", Darkher strikes again with her very own, calm, enchanting, hauting and simply beautiful Neo-Folk-Doom.
  6. A Night at the Nordic House
    by Týr
    By the Sword in My Hand (Live) By the Sword in My Hand (Live)
    One of my personal highlights from this year so far is to see Týr's live concert at Tórshavn with the Faroese symphony orchestra released as an album.
    In comparison, the original classics like "By the Sword in my hand" start to sound a little thin, with neither horns nor choir. :D If anyone thought that Týr wouldn't sound epic enough yet, here you go!
  7. Striving Toward Oblivion (Black Metal)
    by VORGA (Germany)
    Starless Sky Starless Sky
    Great sounding atmospheric/melodic Black Metal from outta space, energetic and simply massive - excellent!
  8. The Long Road North
    by Cult of Luna
    Cult of Luna strikes again, great album!
  9. Hymn To The Woeful Hearts
    by Pure Wrath
    Very moody melodic black metal with great melancholic acoustic and clean parts. Both mournful and earwormy!
  10. Nova
    by Sylvaine
    Rarely has Alcest style post metal been done as well and consistently as in Sylvaine's Nova - excellent!
  11. Martaiden mailta
    by Marrasmieli
  12. Reverence
    by Det eviga leendet
  13. Black Renditions
    by Spider God
  14. Asa
    by Falkenbach
    Amazing Melodic/Viking Black Metal!
  15. Mariner
    by Cult of Luna
  16. A Diabolic Thirst
    Frigid and Spellbound Frigid and Spellbound
  17. Rimfrost
    by Rimfrost
  18. Witness
    by VOLA
  19. Bellum I
    by Aquilus
  20. Ни царя, ни бога
    by Koldovstvo
    II II