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  1. Echoes of Battle
    by Caladan Brood
    This lovely Epic Black Metal record is the perfect music to accompany reading epic fantasy books! I highly recommend the extra long download version with the extra tracks like "Marching Home".
  2. Hallucinogen
    by Blut Aus Nord
    Haallucinählia Haallucinählia
    Hallucinogen is great psychadelic Atmospheric Black Metal, my favorite album of Blut Aus Nord and one of the finest pieces of Black Metal in 2019!
  3. The Inveterate Fire
    by Firelink
    Fun mix of Black Dahlia Murder style Melodic Deathcore with Atmospheric Black Metal and some Doom vibes. Great listen!
  4. In Embers
    by Aether
    Tale of Fire Tale of Fire
    Epic and catchy as hell, "In Embers" is one of the best Melodic Death Metal records of 2019!
  5. The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings
    by Obsequiae
    Another excellent record with Obsequiae's unique blend of black metal and classic Medieval music. If (talented) medieval monks in an ancient English abbey had made Black Metal, it would have sounded like this.
  6. Walk Beyond the Dark
    by Abigail Williams
    Black Waves Black Waves
    Walk Beyond the Dark definitly gets my recommendation for black metal fans, who like their BM well produced and welcome little proggy, doomish and atmospheric parts for variety.
  7. The Body Cosmic
    by Iapetus
    The Body Cosmic The Body Cosmic
    Progressive Melodic Death Metal with truely epic tracks. Very nice mix of strong female and male vocals, without overusing the effect. One of my favorites of 2019, simply majestic!
  8. Portent
    by False
    The Serpent Sting, the Smell of Goat The Serpent Sting, the Smell of Goat
    Harsh black metal in the tradition of Emporer, but with less 90s production. Fun listen for fans of classic black metal!
  9. Lunar Falls
    by Suldusk
    Aphasia Aphasia
    Excellent neo folk album, mostly calm and etheral, blended with some atmospheric black passages. Beautiful release!
  10. Algleymi
    by Misþyrming
    Með svipur á lofti Með svipur á lofti
    Harsh and raw, yet also melodic, with haunting distorted guitarwork, some industrial, some hard rock pieces mixed in - a huge step up from their already strong first album! Best Black Metal release in 2019 for me.
  11. Heart of Akamon
    by Nechochwen
    Traversing the Shades of Death Traversing the Shades of Death
    Unique mix of native American music and atmospheric black metal. Original, authentic, shamanic, raw, yet melodic. A special release!
  12. Aria Of Vernal Tombs
    by Obsequiae
    Unique blend of black metal and classic Medieval (not folksy) music.
  13. Támsins Likam
    by Hamferð
    Tvístevndur meldur Tvístevndur meldur
    Deeply sorrowful, slow and at times heavy, enchanting and beautiful. The vocals are special, effortly switching between deep growls and excellent cleans, what a voice. Great doom record!
  14. Autumn Eternal
    by Panopticon
    Great folksy atmospheric black metal, highly recommended to fans of Bands like Agalloch!
  15. Come The Tide (Death Metal)
    by ETERNAL STORM (Spain)
    Of Winter and Treason Of Winter and Treason
    Excellent proggy Melodic Death Metal record. Long but very atmospheric and variable tracks, a highlight in 2019!
  16. Esoteric Malacology
    by Slugdge
    The Spectral Burrows The Spectral Burrows
    Blackened Death album with lots of well integrated Prog and Tech elements. Usually I'm not too deep into more extreme metal, but on this record every song is memorable and - while being brutal - also catchy, accessible and simply fun. Spectacular!
  17. Horizonless
    by Loss
  18. The Liberation
    by Disillusion
    The Mountain The Mountain
    Proggy Melodeath album that's long and grows better and better the longer it runs.
  19. No Stars Upon The Bridge
    by Hallatar
  20. Ageless Fire
    by VANUM
    Eternity Eternity
    Bold and powerful black metal that does not represent the usual dark forests or icy fjords, but in contrary the warm and raw forces of fire and earth. The band promises "elemental" black metal and definitly suceeds at delivering it.
  21. Unsettling Whispers (Black Metal)
    by GAEREA (Portugal)
    Lifeless Immortality Lifeless Immortality
    Very strong blackened death release that I'd highly recommend to fans of bands like Behemoth.
  22. Hunted
    by Khemmis
    Above The Water Above The Water
    Excellent heavy/classic doom metal record. 'Hunted' is massive, heavy and riffy, but fun and surprisingly accessible - and clearly the finest Album so far in Khemmis' young but already impressive discography.
  23. Iris
    by Altars of Grief
    Isolation Isolation
    Harsh and heavy, strongly blackened, yet moody Doom, truely excellent record!
  24. The Bleakness Of Our Constant
    by Eneferens
    This Onward Reach This Onward Reach
    One of my favorite post/atmospheric black albums, calm and beautiful - highly recommended to fans of bands like Agalloch or new Katatonia!
  25. Realms
    by Darkher
    Wars Wars
    Calm, beautiful and etheral, yet also dark, hauting, clearly doom - this release is special and one of my favorites for a quiet moment!
  26. Guardians
    by Saor
    The Declaration The Declaration
    Saor is simply amazing at uniquely blending harsh black metal with lovely caledonian melodies and grand epicness - and 'Guardians' is the band's best record.
  27. Champ du Sang
    Vos Erreurs Consternantes Vos Erreurs Consternantes
    Weird mix of black metal, doom, haunting atmospheres and Gojira style tech death. Not at all an everyday listen, but dark and discomforting as it is, Champ du Sang is an unique and extremely impactful release.
  28. Veil of Imagination
    by Wilderun
    Far from Where Dreams Unfurl Far from Where Dreams Unfurl
    Maybe not as amazing as Wilderun's iconic masterpiece "Sleep at the Edge of the Earth", but still a very good record! (While I'd recommend to start with "Sleep at..." if you're new to Wilderun, it doesn't hurt to own both releases)
  29. I'm Losing Myself
    by An Isolated Mind
    Turritopsis dohrnii Turritopsis dohrnii
  30. Northen
    by SIG:AR:TYR
    Strong Pagan Metal record that I happily recommend to fans of bands like Moonsorrow.
  31. New World Shadows
    by Omnium Gatherum
    One of the finer melodic death albums I had the pleasure to listen to so far, and in my humble opinion clearly the best out of Omnium Gatherum's strong list of records. Must have for fans of bands like Amorphis or Insomnium.
  32. Söngvar elds og óreiðu
    by Misþyrming
  33. Sleep at the Edge of the Earth
    by Wilderun
    The Garden of Fire The Garden of Fire
    This album is an absolutely iconic masterpiece and a unique blend of folk and epic metal with some traces of black/death. One of my alltime favorites!
  34. Griseus
    by Aquilus
    The Fawn The Fawn
  35. Litourgiya
    by Batushka
    Batushka's debut with its' blend of harsh black and epic orthodox chant grandeur is one of the finest Black Metal records of the decade.
  36. Our Season Draws Near
    by +1476+
    Solitude (Interior) Solitude (Interior)
    Very atmospheric and variable, splendid record! Being both melancholic and at times punky, 1476 are a pretty unique alt rock band.
  37. Tarot
    by Aether Realm
    The Sun, The Moon, The Star The Sun, The Moon, The Star
    Splendid Melo-Death record, catchy but not cheesy, with the best aspects of bands like Alestorm and Children of Bodom. Love it!