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  1. 04:42 Still Free (From Haven Soundtrack)
    by Danger
  2. Airborne Robots
    by F-777
  3. Simple Sight (Instrumental - Remastered) [Single]
    by Piercing Lazer
  4. Mario 3
    by The Adventures of Duane & BrandO
  5. Antibirth: OST
    by mudeth
  6. 2018.UnregisteredHyperCam2.FullAlbum.XviD.KfaD.320kbps[CDRip]
    by GilvaSunner
  7. Alleyways (feat. Dr Disrespect)
    by J+1
  8. Furi Original Soundtrack
    by Carpenter Brut, Danger, The Toxic Avenger, Lorn, Scattle, Waveshaper, Kn1ght
  9. DJ Professor K Presents: 24/7 FUNKY FRESH BEATS FROM TOKYO-TO
    by GilvaSunner
  10. Love Death Immortality
    by The Glitch Mob
  11. Spark: The Electric Jester (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by James Landino, Pejman Roozbeh, Paul Bethers, Michael Staple, Andy Tunstall, Falk Au Yeong
  12. Aria Awakened
    by FamilyJules
  13. Helltaker - Epitomize [Remix]
    by SayMaxWell
  14. Cosmos of the Soul
    by Amie Waters
  15. New Game
    by Nitro Fun
  16. Strikey Sisters Original Soundtrack
    by Dominic Ninmark
  17. lungs
    by Callum Stamp & Ryan Scottie
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  18. Homestuck - Strife!
    by TenseiMusic
  19. Gaster's Theme [Remix]
    by SayMaxWell
  20. The Music of Epic Battle Fantasy V (Composer's Cut)
    by Phyrnna