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  1. pain cleanses every doubt
    by ULTHA
  2. Korpi
    by Kalmankantaja
  3. This Shameful Burden
    by Altars of Grief
  4. The 7th Awakening
    by Temple of Evil
  5. Blood Countess
    by Blood Countess
  6. Walk Beyond the Dark
    by Abigail Williams
  7. Apocalypticists
    by Kriegsmaschine
  8. Mirror in Darkness
    by Serpent Column
  9. Screams From Dying Winds
    by Scrawl
  10. nowhere
    by Soul Dissolution
  11. Dawn of Infinite Fire
    by Asagraum
  12. Light That Is Called Darkness
    by Nordligblast
  13. Strävan
    by Murg
  14. All Pain As Penance
    by Abduction
  15. Iris
    by Altars of Grief
  16. There is no beauty left here...
    by Exiled From Light
  17. Ramihrdus / Decarabia Split
    by Ramihrdus / Decarabia
  18. Barshasketh
    by Barshasketh
  19. Totalitarian Industrial Oppression
    by N.K.V.D
  20. Thanatos
    by GROZA
  21. Religious Purification Through Fire
    by Heathen Deity
  22. This Means War
  23. The Nibiru Cataclysm
    by Hyperion
  24. Mechanisms Of Misanthropy
    by Stahlsarg
  25. Vestigio
    by Skialykon
  26. Unified In Void
    by GROZA
  27. Nightside Valkyries
    by Firmament
  28. Einstieg In Dunkle Gedanken
    by Verlassen
  29. The Density Parameter
    by Mesarthim
  30. Self
    by Terzij de Horde
  31. The Perfect Family Portrait
    by Cheiron
  32. The Yawning Abyss
    by The Wolf Garden
  33. Sitra Achra
    by Barshasketh
  35. Acathexis
    by Acathexis
  36. Nazrak
    by Nazrak
  37. Cantiques Funèbres
    by Nazrak
  38. Dim and Slimeridden Kingdoms
    by Slugdge
  39. Born of Slime
    by Slugdge
  40. Unsettling Whispers (Black Metal)
    by GAEREA (Portugal)
    Absent Absent
    if I had feelings this would be them.
  41. Göbekli Tepe
    by Order ov Riven Cathedrals