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  1. Lost Tides (2013-2014)
    by Klimeks
    by enjoii
  3. jack
  4. Øfdream - Perception
    by Øfdream
    Ønelove Øfdream🌊 Dræmøn 🏄🀄
  5. wave 001
    by wavemob
  6. Mysteria
    by Klimeks
  7. Forgotten Myths
    by KOAN Sound
  8. I Show You Light Now (A Charity Compilation In Support Of Mental Health Awareness)
    by † ŦĦ€ ǤΔΜ€Ş Ŵ€ ƤŁΔ¥ †
  9. Fate
    by Alivvve
  10. Distant
    by Ocxone
  11. the place i call home
    by kodyak
  12. Synaesthesia (A Compilation by IMMINENT Collective x ŦĦ€ ǤΔΜ€Ş Ŵ€ ƤŁΔ¥)
    by † ŦĦ€ ǤΔΜ€Ş Ŵ€ ƤŁΔ¥ †
    love the low ends reminds me of Mt. Eden
    by the_accidental_poet
    by the_accidental_poet
  15. minerva
    by MVEJIMV
  16. Canon \\ カノン
    by MVEJIMV
  17. Benefit Compilation for Japan
    by Various Artists
  18. Nibbles
    by Klimeks
  19. Dubplate Style
    by S.P.Y
  20. Unclarity & Unresolvness
    by Ennja
  21. Cache 01
    by SVBKVLT
  22. Restricted Compilation 001
    by Restricted Collective
  23. Current
    by FOMH
  24. Lifestyle Music Annual 2018
    by Various Artists
  25. THE VOID
    by Sidewalks and Skeletons
  26. International EP (DIGITAL)
    by SCALADE
  28. G h o s t s (The Second Compilation by ŦĦ€ ǤΔΜ€Ş Ŵ€ ƤŁΔ¥)
    by † ŦĦ€ ǤΔΜ€Ş Ŵ€ ƤŁΔ¥ †
  29. The Watcher (a The GΔmes We PlΔy compilation)
    by † ŦĦ€ ǤΔΜ€Ş Ŵ€ ƤŁΔ¥ †
  30. To Tell You I Love You (live acoustic)
    by † ŦĦ€ ǤΔΜ€Ş Ŵ€ ƤŁΔ¥ †
  31. Tides
    by FOMH
  32. YIN YANG
    by Ambro Fiszoski
  33. Hyper//Reality
    by Da Vosk Docta
  34. Our Blue Planet
    by SizzleBird
    this is a fresh arrangement! reminds me of pola & bryson nice feels thanks for the influence
  35. Palace - Fireworks EP
    by NØIR
    ive been waiting for this moment for all my life
    appears in 1 other collection
  36. Arcanum LP
    by Vaeros
    very insightful composition all around i completely relate to each wave of sound that flows seamlessly into the next dimension of my mind i experience each time i listen to this again it reminds me i dont have to think twice about how i feel, thank you too <3
  37. C O A S T
  38. GDNCE 001 EP - Ulterior Motive, SP:MC , Icicle
    by Ulterior Motive
  39. GDNCE003 - Ulterior Motive and Future Cut
    by Ulterior Motive and Future Cut
  40. As It Once Was
    by nvrmore
    if there was one word to simplify what i want to say it would be love without destroying myself with the desire to express these feelings to extricate my mind from these past few years that i discovered wavemob and how much each sound helps me to appreciate my tears that much more than the memories i have yet to remind me to keep looking forward, but thank you 🏄🌊
  41. Liquid Ritual Vol. 2
    by Various Artists
  42. Mental State EP
    by Digital, Keygenlog, Gremlinz, Sight Unseen
  43. Gaijin LP
    by Elijah Nang
  44. NOIR02 Exclusive [Digital + Physical]
    by Various Artists
  45. Love Dream Infinite
    by Klimeks