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  1. Lille Bjørn (with Selma French Bolstad)
    by Wauwatosa
  2. In A Shattered Mirror
    by Xentrifuge
  3. Morning Tsunami
    by Hante.
    Wasting Time Wasting Time
  5. It's Not Complicated
    by Ma3azef
  6. Geerson - Make Sense (ISM003)
    by Geerson
  7. re:branded
    by Guilt Trip
    Jonestown Kool Aid Jonestown Kool Aid
  8. Body Parts
    by Guilt Trip
    Nemesis Nemesis
  9. I Was Never Really There
    by Mildreda
  10. H.S.K.T.
    by Sylvan Esso
  11. Light Extinguished
    by Xentrifuge
    Entombed Entombed
  12. Sleeper Vessels
    by Fawn Limbs
    Ruiner Ruiner
  13. Beneath The Great Sky Of Solitude
    by Dusk In Silence
    The Goddess Of Eclipse The Goddess Of Eclipse
  14. Shroomeez
    by Infected Mushroom
  15. Good Life (with Turid Alida Røsten)
    by Wauwatosa
  16. Deviator
    by Noise Unit
  17. Human Emulsion
    by Atropine
    Transit Transit
  18. 1집 (LUNGS-174)
    by SLANT
    Violent Minds Violent Minds
  19. In Public
    by Minerva Superduty
    Rigid Mass Rigid Mass
  20. Flavour Of The Weak
    by Front Line Assembly
    Columbian Necktie Columbian Necktie