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  1. Showtunes
    by Lambchop
  2. Awcmon / Noyoucmon
    by Lambchop
  3. The Memory Chamber
    by Klaus Morlock
  4. Fast Stories... from Kid Coma (2020 Remaster)
    by Truly
    If You Don't Let It Die If You Don't Let It Die
    I didn't hear this album until my late 30s, by which point it's hard to find new music that resonates with you so hard that it becomes an all time favourite.

    This album did that. A masterpiece.
  5. Echo Forever
    by Radar men from the Moon
  6. Strange wave galore
    by Radar men from the Moon
  7. Intergalactic dada & Space trombones
    by Radar men from the Moon
  8. A Sweet Release EP
    by All Them Witches
  9. The Deep
    by Neon Black
  10. Cathedral
    by John Kerr
  11. Lost Valley VHS
    by Lost Valley VHS
  12. Dreaming Spire
    by Runeshard
  13. Dead Maids Assembly
    by Klaus Morlock
  14. Nostalgia
    by Michael Seyer
  15. Spread The Feeling
    by Pernice Brothers
  16. The Hermit of Lake Lugano
    by Klaus Morlock
  17. Orgy of the Vampires [Original Soundtrack Recording]
  18. Hexed [Original Soundtrack Recording]
  19. Necrophiliac Among the Living Dead (Original Soundtrack)
  20. Crimson Throne (2013)
    by The Slasher Film Festival Strategy