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  1. This Time, It's Personal EP
    by Choking Game
  2. Colonist
    by Colonist
    Knee Deep In The Shit Knee Deep In The Shit
  3. To Provoke Genocide
    by Decimated Humans
    Shredded Bodies Thrown Into the Ravine Shredded Bodies Thrown Into the Ravine
    I don't like questioning
  4. Overture in Barbaric Mutilations
    by Decimated Humans
    Weedwhacker Facial Engorgement Weedwhacker Facial Engorgement
    whacking shiz
  5. A Couple of Charity Slams(Australian Bushfire Relief Compilation)
    by Various Artists
  6. Pornographic Seizures
    by Sanguisugabogg
    Perverse/Deranged Perverse/Deranged
    huge dick energy
  7. PLF / Incinerated split 7”
    by PLF / Incinerated
    Foraging For Dignity Foraging For Dignity
    incinerated is ⛽. Always ripping through skin. Willing to fly to australia to see them 1000% FUCK COVID-19
  8. Split w/ Intensive Care
    by Incinerated
    Plea Bargain Plea Bargain
    grr brr brr brr her dehhhhhhh beleh ragr grr brr brr
  9. Unreleased
    by Incinerated
  10. Split w/ Deterioration
    by Incinerated
  11. Split w/ Landfill
    by Incinerated
    Kicked Into Sterility Kicked Into Sterility
  12. Avenged
    by Incinerated
    Punished Punished
    I am punishment
  13. Split w/ Hallucination Realized
    by Incinerated
    Beaten to Death in Your Hospital Bed Beaten to Death in Your Hospital Bed
    been there done that ( update 2020 I just hope I can even see this band one day)
  14. Relapse 30 Year Anniversary Sampler
    by Relapse Sampler
  15. Surgical Assault
    by The Partisan Turbine
    Vast Illumination Vast Illumination
    slams hard af also touching. I also like how the N is backwards like korn
  16. Disentomb | Misery
    by New Standard Elite
    Vultures Descend Vultures Descend
    as I get closer to him and the final descent I can't help but think about
  17. Self-Titled
    by No Convictions
    Unaccountable Unaccountable
    I hate racist pos white supremacists
    by Full of Hell, HEALTH
    it's dance music bitch
  19. The Dead Will Never Forgive Us (EP)
    by Abated Mass Of Flesh
    Abandoned Homes Abandoned Homes
    Abandonment issues and kind of sad
  20. Trve MisanTropical DeathGrind
    by Rotten Pork
    Fiesta MisanTropical Fiesta MisanTropical
    Borracho con mi machete