This is Amanda Parrotte’s music collection on Bandcamp.
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  1. Boss Witch
    by Pussycat Dolores
  2. no. 3
    by Kongero
  3. Thankful (prod. Konscious Kel)
    by Reasun
  4. MetaMorpheus EP
    by Sa-Roc
  5. Goddess Gang
    by Sa-Roc
  6. How to Write With a Feather
    by The Hermione Crookshanks Experience
  7. Let the Light in
    by Anneke van Giersbergen with Kamerata Zuid
  8. Verloren Verleden
    by Anneke van Giersbergen & Árstíðir
  9. Here But Gone
    by SISU
  10. Blood Tears
    by SISU
  11. Songs Between Two Wars
    by Sonorus
  12. How Airplanes Fly
    by How Airplanes Fly
  13. When The War Came
    by How Airplanes Fly
  14. Songs of English Magic
    by errandofmercy
  15. WZRD
    by Ashley Hamel
  16. Felix Felicis
    by Swish and Flick
  17. Witness 7"
    by makthaverskan
  18. Makthaverskan
    by makthaverskan
  19. Ill
    by makthaverskan
  20. Something more 7"
    by makthaverskan