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  1. Mount Holly, North Carolina
  2. Metal
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  1. Atrocity Unleashed
    by NEMESIS
    Zombie Assault Zombie Assault
    This is fuckin' THRASH! Fast, heavy, slime-covered, vomit spewing, chainsaw dismembering THRASH! Don't let this pass you by. Buy this album, or be named a poser forevermore.
  2. Divine Element
    by Divine Element
    A day for the hunter, a day for the prey A day for the hunter, a day for the prey
  3. Memories
    by Last Wail
    Bloodlust Huntress Bloodlust Huntress
    This is some of the best folk/death metal you'll find. The talent this band possesses is incredible.
  4. Militum Infernum
    by KRVSADE
    Purge the Earth Purge the Earth
    This is Krvsade, one of the first Carolina bands I saw when I moved to this area. Fast, raw, and brutal. Everything thrash/death should be. Look for these guys to become the next Morbid Angel!
  5. "Living Hell" EP
    by Deathcrown
    God Is A Lie God Is A Lie
  6. The Offering - EP
    by The Offering
    Witch Pit Witch Pit
    This is the new generation of metal. This is the kind of sound that will define where metal goes and what it becomes.
  7. Cloak 2016 EP
    by Cloak
    In the Darkness, the Path In the Darkness, the Path
    This is some seriously raw, unforgiving music. I love it.
  8. Live From The Rain Forest
    by Turd/Cutter
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  9. Blasphemous Insemination (Demo)
    by Altar Blood
    Defeated Nazarine Defeated Nazarine
  10. Demo 2015
    by Rotten
    Torture Room Torture Room
  11. Rotting to Death
    by Rotten
    You're All Gonna Die You're All Gonna Die
  12. Drink The Blood
    by Carriage
  13. Alucarda
    by Carriage
    This is a band that would make King Diamond and Mercyful Fate proud. The influence is unmistakable.
  14. Deadly Corpse
    by Carriage

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  1. Far From Light
    by Lunar Shadow
  2. Militum Infernum
    by KRVSADE