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  2. Metal
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  1. How To Deal With Life And Fail (Grindcore)
    by ERNIA
  2. Todo Muere SBXV
    by Sacred Bones Records
  3. Sleepwalking Sailors
    by Helms Alee
  4. Stillicide
    by Helms Alee
  5. Night Terror
    by Helms Alee
  6. Lionize / Truely
    by Helms Alee
  7. Helms Alee / Young Widows - Split
    by Helms Alee & Young Widows
  8. Weatherhead
    by Helms Alee
  9. Keep This Be the Way
    by Helms Alee
  10. Noctiluca
    by Helms Alee
  11. Subterrene
    by Casey Neill & The Norway Rats
  12. Je te laisserai des mots
    by Patrick Watson
  13. all lights fucked on the hairy amp drooling
    by Godspeed You! Black Emperor
  14. Embarrassing Early Recordings
    by Crywank
  15. Just Popping In To Say Hi
    by Crywank
  16. Here You Go, You Do It: A Crywank Covers Compilation
    by Crywank
  17. Fist Me 'til Your Hand comes Out My Mouth
    by Crywank
  18. My Year Off
    by JC and The Nobodies
  19. Don't Piss On Me, I'm Already Dead
    by Crywank
  20. Privately Owned Spiral Galaxy
    by Crywank