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  1. DNO012 - Howman - Moon Operator EP
    by Howman
    Molasses Molasses
    DNO keeps up the very good work releasing gem after precious gem of Grade A+++ Bass music.
    And this time it's by Howman who delivers some trippy Dub and Jazz tinged slow-mo steppers.
    All tracks on this EP are bloody nice if this kind of music is your vice but for me the "Molasses" track stands out because it's just utterly brilliant and then some.
    Very highly recommended.
  2. UAN0025
    by UAN0025
    Now we're talking, über wicked rhythm syncopations, high pitch bleeps, a bit of Dub and a shitload of just because this is great attitude.
    So what's not to like..?
    Just do you shopping mate!
  3. Cardinal
    by Eusebeia
    Silly me missed this one when it was available as a 12" and now i have a major gap in my little record collection.
    This very fine downtempo Electronica release has a drifting hazy undercurrent and i don't want nor need a guiding light to get away from it because i rather just stay mesmerized right where i am.
    Highly recommended.
  4. Stratum
    by Ena
    This one is on my "must buy the 12" list" and it's all down to ENA's fantastic take on how far you can experiment with D'n'B and doing so with the perfectly honed sounds, pulses and rhythms that builds his tracks.
    This guy seems to amaze me release by release and for that i'm forever grateful.
    Do Your shopping.
  5. Hide Behind The Silence EP 1
    by Vladislav Delay
    I so hope that all 5 of these 10" will sound just as great as this one because then i have some lovely shopping to look oh so forward to.
    Mr. Ripatti is from my point of view a master at experimenting with both sound and rhythm and some might say that he needs to clean up his act but i so don't think that's for him nor us that like this kind of music that sounds as if it's eroding on itself.
    A must have release.
  6. Hide Behind The Silence EP 2
    by Vladislav Delay
    That Sasu bloke sure like to experiment and as we all know he's very very good at it too.
    This might just sound like a lot of dust on the pick-up to others but for those of us that doesn't mind a bit of grit and grime this is exactly what soundscapes should sound like, it's simply music to our ears.
    Very highly recommended release.
  7. Alexander Tucker + Keith Collins - Fifth Continent
    by Alexander Tucker
    This is such an exquisite edition from this very fine label and i'm very happy that i bought the LP & Book bundle because i think these 2 piece of work should be acquired as 1 piece of art in it self.
    In short, a beautiful and precious gem that i will cherish dearly.
    A must have release.
  8. Obscura
    by Plaster
    Gianclaudio has not only broaden his sound palette but also outdone himself on this new album because all in all it's honed to perfection.
    Every sound and every part of the production has been treated and tweaked with minute detail to form every perfect facet on this diamond of an album and i'm so happy that i got hold of the printed canvas edition.
    In a perfect world this album would have had been released on 4xLP and/or 2xCD and be sold out by now...
    This is a very highly recommended release!
  9. UAN0024
    by UAN0024
    Rumsey Rumsey
    As much as i like Hiss'n'Bass i don't mind some Bump'n'Grind every now and then and especially not when it sounds as good as this.
    All in all, this is an evil Satan wicked release just as one would expect from this very very fine label.
    Do Your shopping!
  10. Nothing As It Seems
    by Dyl
    It more or less goes without saying that i would buy this new release by DYL (since i have about 20 releases by him already) and that is because i just love the sound of his Dub tinged free flowing D'n'B infused experimentalism.
    A must have release from this very fine label.
  11. crystallise, a frozen eye
    by James Ginzburg
    This release doesn't just take you on an immersed trip into James Ginzburg's sonic universe because with the accompanying book it gives it a whole new depth and what a beautiful journey it is.
    Very highly recommended.
  12. UAN0023
    by UAN0023
    Sprk! Sprk!
    Even more anonymous quirky electronics from this wonderful label that seems to be determined to push things forward release by release and for that i just love them.
    As always, top notch and highly recommended.
  13. Terrarium
    by Mogano
    That Mogano bloke doesn't mind to get his sounds dirty while weaving intricate well syncopated webs to form his tracks to perfection and to spice it all up he adds some eastern flavours just to make it extra tasty.
    And if you might have missed it, check out his and FAX lovely label Arboretum while you're at it, i haven't missed a release from it so far...
    This is a must have release.
  14. THESIS 02 - Loscil & Seabuckthorn
    by Loscil, Seabuckthorn
    This is such a beautiful release from beginning to end and add to that the wonderful packaging and you know you are in for a treat.
    The guitar from Seabuckthorn works like a charm with the electronics from Loscil and together they have created a precious Drone gem that is worth every penny.
    A must have.
  15. WF1 (2023)
    by Wind & Fire
    What's not to love when you get 8 slightly detuned and askew Drone pieces that are like lullabies produced with organic electricity that are slowly decaying, just like the sound of each new copy of this cassette.
    Very highly recommended.
  16. Wait
    by Dub Tractor
    Since i'm a bit of a Dub Tractor fan boy i just had to get hold of this precious gem of an album.
    And as always Anders Remmer delivers his warm and cozy Electronica that i love so much.
    My only complaint here would be that the tracks are a tad bit short but that's just me wanting even more than i can get...
    Highly recommended.
  17. C30
    by C30
    Don't know who, don't know what but i do know why, i don't care because this is a bloody good label so what could possibly go wrong!
  18. Re:Sketched
    by UAN
    ANMA - Sketch 6 (UAN Remix) ANMA - Sketch 6 (UAN Remix)
    The 1st track sounds like taking a percussive drill to your eardrum (in the most positive way) while on the 2nd the stress is taken down a notch, here the flickering sounds gets a beautiful phaser/flanger treatment only to land in the 3rd track that is taking it even slower ending this gem with a little bubbly track.
    Epic niceness throughout.
  19. Re:Sketched
    by New Tendencies, Radboud Mens
    Both New Tendencies and Radboud Mens leans towards Dub here but both of them has their very own approach and personal sound.
    These 2 tracks are just divine from my point of view because of both the sounds and production and add to that the very low BPM it's just perfect.
    So it fits my taste buds perfectly when it comes to electronic music, i can't even choose a favourite here.
    A well nice release and then some.
  20. Hello Ambient Wash
    by Dubtractor
    Silly me should have had bought this precious gem of an album a long long time ago because there has been a major gap in my little record collection when it's not there so now i have at last saved myself from that disaster.
    Anders Remmer makes the most beautiful Electronica that is like a big hug of comfort that makes me feel so warm and cozy.
    A must have release.