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  1. Sparse #4
    by F&E
    I'm a big fan of both Felix K and ENA because they dare to think outside of the box when it comes to music making.
    And when working together as F&E they seem to feed on each others creative skills and deliver Grade A+++ experimental goods for us to enjoy.
    Highly recommended!
  2. REITEN presents ENSō 2020
    by Various Artists
    After listening to the previews of this compilation over at SoundCloud i just knew that i had to get hold of this gem because it's filled to the brim with solid experimentalism and that's exactly how i like it.
    And since i have had the honour to experience ENA, Rabih Beaini and Yves De Mey live and do warm-up DJ-sets before the two latter and also released a remix of Valanx by Yves on my label SonuoS i think this release is essential in my little record collection.
    This release is a must have!
  3. Floors
    by DYL
    First Floor First Floor
    This is the way i like DYL, dark foreboding almost industrial soundscapes sometimes combined with slow rhythms that are slightly askew but tightly packed syncopations.
    Highly recommended!
  4. The Almost Gone OST
    by Yves De Mey
    I totally understand that you get told to play this game wearing headphones because the music is so beautiful that one want absolutely no distraction while enjoying.
    As always, well done Yves!
  5. Beating The Odds
    by Synalegg
    Since this is some seriously wicked syncopated experimentalism i just had to have a copy of this gem because it'll fit like a glove in my little experimental electronica collection.
    Highly recommended!
    by OOH-sounds
    With these two fantastic artists that i love a lot on the very same release i just new i had to have this 12" because i don't think my little record collection would forgive me for missing out on such epic niceness.
    Shelley delivers 3 tracks of deep rhythmic and pulsating bass while Peder takes us on an almost 13 minute ‘Music for Pieces of Wood’ interpreted trip of his own on a 909 so what's not to like.
    Highly recommended!
  7. Barotrauma
    by Eric Holm
    This sub aquatic sound document of fjords in Norway is like a sonic wet dream...
  8. Surface Variations
    by Eric Holm
    This is yet another perfectly honed album by Eric Holm that takes me to the edge of forever while enjoying the event horizon.
    Total bliss!
  9. Stin Treex Remixes
    by nebulo
    The 4 über wicked remixes of Nebulo's "Stin Treex" release are done by some of my favourite artists on the experimental electronica scene so this USB gem was a must have for me.
    Highly recommended!
  10. A Static Place /Remain – 2020 Edition
    by Stephan Mathieu
    Since i didn't got hold of these two gems when they got released this reissue sure comes in handy.
    Now i only need a night of my own, my headphones and then i'm off to wherever somewhere in between whenever in total sonic bliss...
  11. Osaka
    by ANMA
    Here's yet another very fine release on this lovely label and this time it's a solo release by ANMA that treats us to some hard edged electronica together with some very fine piano playing to soften the blow.
    I think i need to do some more physical shopping from this label...
    Highly recommended.
  12. The Syncopaths Vol. 4
    by Syncopathic
    This is a wicked release with a lot of my favourite artists on it.
    Extra plus nice to see Pokk! on it that i have had the honour to release myself on my label SonuoS.
    Highly recommended if you are into experimental electronica in any shape or form.
  13. KAMILHAN, il y a péril en la demeure
    by Grischa Lichtenberger
    That Grischa bloke sure know how to churn out the most intriguing and beautiful well syncopated electronica.
    This album is a masterpiece from beginning to end.
    A must have from my point of view.
  14. Triptyk (2020)
    by Minimalistic Sweden
    Oh my Dub, a new album with this legendary quartet!
    And it's just as it should be, slow and dubby and totally eargasmic so go get it and enjoy.
  15. GWKD03 - BOOKS
    by Books
    Carbon Carbon
    Books sure know how to deliver slow sluggish experimental D'n'B beats and deep bass and if that's your vice this release is right up your alley so go get it.
    Highly recommended!
  16. Parallaxes
    by Nebulo
    Lovely Le Cabanon keeps up releasing gem after gem with the most intriguing and slightly askew electronic music of today.
    And even if i have only heard 1 track from this release i just knew i had to buy it.
    1000 thanks Le Cabanon for keeping up the very creative work!
    by SWARMM
    This wonderful label always delivers Grade A+++ experimental goods and i keep on doing my shopping because it's always epic nice and then some.
    Thanks a lot Holotone for keeping up the very creative work!
  18. Bubble Chamber
    by Ena
    52 minutes exploring the Ena universe = what's not to like.
    This release is perfect when you just want to loose yourself and take an inner journey without any boundaries...
  19. Square Planning, Wic Vol 2
    by Wic Recordings
    This is a well nice compilation that spans from Drone to Electronica with the common denominator of a bit of grit and grime to the soundscapes and that's just how i like it, when it's not to clean and/or neat.
    Highly recommended!
  20. UAN0000
    by UAN0000
    So, who is the artist behind this then and does it really matter?
    I don't think so because it's great and that should sometimes be enough.
    But what does it sound like?
    Repetitive, static and at times sharp edged.
    Anyhow, it comes highly recommended!