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  1. A Dream is U
    by Francis Lung
  2. free press and curl
    by Shabazz Palaces
  3. Water
    by DEHD
  4. Softly Wait
    by Pleasures
  5. A cat-shaped hole in my heart (pay-what-you-wish) (1999)
    by Various Artists
  6. It Unfolds
    by Romeo Moon
  7. Karaoke Tuesday
    by waterfront dining
  8. AZ013 - Mr Garisson EP - 3€
    by Mr Garisson
  9. AZ025 - Versatil Monster S/T LP - 5€
    by Versatil Monster
  10. AZ029 - Bootchy Temple "Glimpses"
    by Bootchy Temple
  11. AZ30 - Carambolage - S/T EP
    by Carambolage
    by Vernon Sélavy
  13. With Love 愛を込めて
    by waterfront dining & 猫 シ Corp.
  14. An Obelisk
    by Titus Andronicus
  15. The Strawberry EP
    by Dear Boy
  16. Mobile
    by Pan Amsterdam x Iggy Pop
  17. Syrup
    by B. Cool-Aid
  18. Different Color Hair
    by Negative Gemini
  19. Body Work
    by Negative Gemini
  20. Gangster Music Vol. 1
    by Gangster Doodles
  21. The Mehlans
    by Matt Mehlan
    discovered this while remembering Ablehearts on the LIRR, love it
  22. Curve of Earth
    by Ohtis
    You guys opened for Timber Timbre and were great, also Adam was in Prussia so I’m in
  23. Runnin
    by Ohtis
  24. Buoys
    by Panda Bear
    I have been waiting for this release since I saw him almost a year ago on tour, it’s gonna be phenomenal
  25. Freedom
    by Amen Dunes
  26. Vol II (Mother's Son)
    by Francis Lung
  27. Something Black
    by Francis Lung
  28. Vol I (Faeher's Son)
    by Francis Lung
  29. Panic Blooms
    by Black Moth Super Rainbow
    New Breeze New Breeze
    It feels like an emotionally and musically evolved Dandelion Gum that makes me dance like a total freakazoid, love it
  30. New Material
    by Preoccupations
  31. A Productive Cough
    by Titus Andronicus
  32. Enter The Slasher House
    by Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks
  33. Cassette
    by Preoccupations
  34. Preoccupations
    by Preoccupations
  35. SeeFu Lilac EP
    by Black Moth Super Rainbow
  36. `+`
    by Wise Blood
    by Le Pécheur
    by Le Pécheur