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Filippo Goller

  1. Munich, Germany
  2. Metal
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  1. Choose Death
    by Choose Death
    Anamnesis Anamnesis
  2. Aloades
    by Promethean
    Niobides Niobides
  3. Is God in the Questions? Is the Devil in the Answers?
    by SALQIU
    Capitulating the Fruit of Eden Capitulating the Fruit of Eden
  4. Ēōs
    by Ēōs
    umwelt umwelt
  5. Going Going Going
    by Tosca
    Export Import Export Import
  6. The Great Malefic
    by Saturn's Husk
    Blessed shall be he who takes your little ones and dashes them against the rock Blessed shall be he who takes your little ones and dashes them against the rock
  7. To Whom it Serves the Triumphant Destiny
    by SALQIU
    Tears Flow Away in Streams of Wretched Population Tears Flow Away in Streams of Wretched Population
  8. The viper slithers in the ashes of what remains
    by Fuoco Fatuo
    Requiem for Nulun Requiem for Nulun
  9. Brutopianisti
    by Utopianisti
    Gróyul Ghóul Ghò! Gróyul Ghóul Ghò!
  10. Les Filles de Illighadad
    by Fatou Seidi Ghali & Alamnou Akrouni
    Achibaba Achibaba
  11. Labyrinth Constellation
    Absorbing Black Ignition Absorbing Black Ignition
  12. Nymphaea Caerulea
    by Lotus Thief
  13. The Anomalies Of Artificial Origin
    by Abominable Putridity
    Remnants Of The Tortured Remnants Of The Tortured
  14. Changes
    by Synkro
    Changes Changes
  15. Life To Everything
    by Phronesis
    Urban Control Urban Control
  16. Scorn
    by Primitive Man
    Antietam Antietam
  17. Dissentient
    by AngelMaker
    Godless Godless
  18. A Tunnel To Eden
    by Alustrium
    A Tunnel To Eden A Tunnel To Eden
  19. Umbras de Barbagia
    by Downfall of Nur
    II - The Golden Age II - The Golden Age
  20. No Drum and Bass in the Jazz Room
    by Clever Girl
    Teleblister Teleblister
    I'm impressed by this. I bought it solely because of the name - it sounded very interesting - but I didn't expect such beautiful math rock. The transitions between different metres are so incredibly fluid!
    Not to forget about the melodies in this EP: they make me smile. Seriously.
  21. Scar Sighted
    - -
  22. Cloudburst
    by Plini
  23. Every Piece Matters
    by Plini
    This simply shows that Plini is not only an amazing musician, but also an amazing person. Also, how many artists let their fans sing backing vocals on their recordings? I bet you can count them on one hand, and Plini is one of them. He just can't stop blowing my mind!
  24. Atlas
    by Plini
  25. 1745 7381 3265 2578
    by Plini
  26. Moonflower
    by Plini
  27. V
    by Scale The Summit
    Kestral Kestral
    The absolute best album of the year in my honest opinion. Technical, but at the same time modest, honest and straightforward. Stunning guitar leads and beautiful melodies and harmonies, creative and sometimes quirky-funky bass and prog-gasmic rhythms.
  28. Bilo 3.0
    by David Maxim Micic
    Smile Smile
  29. The End Of Everything
    by Plini
    Wombat Astronaut (Beyond The Burrow) Wombat Astronaut (Beyond The Burrow)
  30. A Series Of Disagreements
    by Instrumental (adj.)
    A Series Of Disagreements A Series Of Disagreements
    Already now very promising. Can't wait for the other tracks!
  31. Fade
    by Cloudkicker
    From the Balcony From the Balcony
    Stretched guitar leads + driving bass + odd beats + magic = Cloudkicker. I really need to check his other works out.
  32. Merhaba
    by Electric Jalaba
    Merhaba Merhaba
    The spirit and soul of Africa, combined with a hyper-funky, spacey instrumental backdrop does work extremely well.
  33. A Thousand Faces - Act 1
    by Beats Antique
    Beezlebub (feat. Les Claypool) Beezlebub (feat. Les Claypool)
    I don't know what to like best from this album: the fusion of gypsy and arabic music, ragtime, dubstep and funk, or the fact that they got Les Claypool as a guest musician. Either way, this is a must-have, solely for the atmospheric tribal "Charon's Crossing" and/or the super-catchy "Beezlebub".
  34. Infinity Pools EP
    by Mute Forest
    Infinity Pools Infinity Pools
    Deep and soothing. Perfect for late-night chillouts. Also if you like paranoia-inducing tracks like Infinity Pools.
  35. Humanity's Last Breath
    by Humanity's Last Breath
    Vultus Vultus
    This album is a collection of songs to fight mountains. This album is your worst nightmare. This album is a masterpiece.
  36. Sweet Nothings
    by Plini
    Away Away
  37. Kambrium
    by Pikaya
    Fango Fango
    These tracks remind me of some 8-bit video game music (but also of Star Wars). Really interesting.
  38. Saturndust
    by S A T U R N D U S T
    Gravitation Of A Hollow Body Gravitation Of A Hollow Body
    Saturndust describe themselves as spacey Doom Rock. And I couldn't find a better description for them, especially on this record, which is everything you need for a heavy psychedelic voyage to the stars.
  39. Soma
    by Windhand
    Orchard Orchard
    Starting with a sludgy riff, this album soon evolves into a 70s kind of ambiance, packed with doomy heaviness and slow tempi. But the best part of this album is the end: with one last riffing song, the album literally slowly fades into wind al niente.
  40. Drift
    by Bagheera
    Cliff Cliff
  41. Usnea
    by Usnea
    Chaoskampf Chaoskampf
    Top-tier blackened sludge. This album is so heavy, you'll need Jesus after hearing it. There's something about it that makes me think of ancient Greece. That definitely is a good thing.
  42. Rervm
    by Lotus Thief
    Lvx Lvx
    Dark, heavy, psychedelic, sung by Bazaelith's spectral voice, backed by synthy chords. That's what gives this album its post-metallic tone. Even my goth- and punk-enthusiastic mother, who usually doesn't like metal, likes it. Picking a favourite? Nearly impossible.
    Although I like 'Lvx' very much.
  43. Other Things
    by Plini
    Selenium Forest Selenium Forest
  44. Slow Motion
    by Lino Pugliese
    Slow Motion (Original Mix) Slow Motion (Original Mix)
    This track's name fits like a glove. Makes you really feel like you're watching a video in slow motion. "Mood Edit" rounds it with its jazzy splashes.
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  45. Achso
    by Ricardo Villalobos
    Ichso Ichso
    Minimalism at its finest. Got to know Villalobos through my friend Ennio Colaci of Minimono.