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  1. Aumicide
    by Atræ Bilis
  2. Dark Matter
    by Pearl Jam
  3. Voidkind
    by DVNE
  4. Infinite Mortality
  5. The Compartmentalization of Decay
    by Kira McSpice
  6. Application For Release From The Dream
    Would've purchased this sight unseen given the joy this band has brought me over the years but, as a bonus, this is actually a cracking track. Unmistakeably Thursday, but reinvigorated. Their albums were becoming increasing more interesting and dynamic before their hiatus, and I can't wait to see the maturation on their new release.
  7. My Father Took Me Hunting in the Snow
    by Sunrise Patriot Motion
    Black Fellwater Stream was easily my AOTY of 2022. I still listen to it weekly as nothing else sounds like it does.

    To find an EP that's both a musical and narrative extension of an album is rare. To have that album be one of your all time favourites is an absolute treat. I don't know what I've done to deserve it but I'm not complaining!

    Like it's predecessor, and despite its brevity, there's so much here to sink your teeth into. Bring on another full album!
  8. Departure
  9. Maze Envy
    by Civerous
    A perfect blend of death aesthetics given room to breathe whilst not only not sacrificing brutality but amplifying it.

    I feel guilty for smiling whilst listening to the sheer ambition and execution of Maze Envy knowing that it should be summoning guttural growls and devil horns, but this scratches an itch few others can.

    Riffs for days by the way...and the beats to back it up.
  10. Deprecipice
    by Mastiff
  11. See You Tomorrow Baby
    by Weston Super Maim
  12. In the Black Water
    by Soma Plume
    by RENEWER
  14. The Curse
    by Meridian Sun
  15. Votum Silentii
    by Aeonist
  16. Life Promised Death
    by Farsot
  17. A Giant Bound to Fall
  18. Tellurian
  19. Ashes in the Huron River
  20. Buitenlucht
    by Alburnum