This is Ponte Rotto’s music collection on Bandcamp.

Ponte Rotto

  1. Alternative
  1. collection 14
  2. following 6
    by Little Kid
    dim light coming down dim light coming down
  2. flowers
    by Little Kid
    missionary missionary
  3. Canyon Lip
    by Talk West
    (Side B) With no regrets (Side B) With no regrets
  4. Marimba Themes
    by Ifsh
    Theme for Cats in Casts Theme for Cats in Casts
  5. Old Wired Fault
    by Talk West
    Take Heed Take Heed
  6. Happy Accidence
    by sonaura
    crystalline crystalline
  7. River of Blood
    by Little Kid
    Go to Hell Go to Hell
  8. Sicker Than a Cat+
    by Kymbliss
    After Shock After Shock
  9. The National Tapes
    by Toys for Elliot
    Sleepguitar Sleepguitar
  10. Logic Songs
    by Little Kid
    The Train Behind My House The Train Behind My House
  11. Freights & Fields
    by Talk West
    Errand Errand
  12. the pattern theory
    by the pattern theory
    coracles coracles
  13. Progress
    by Pedro the Lion
    April 6, 2039 April 6, 2039
  14. Headphones
    by Headphones
    I Never Wanted You I Never Wanted You