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  1. Rilla Contemplates Love
    by H.Fox - Bobuck
  2. The Residents - Loss Of The Lizard Lady (The Molly Harvey Collection) SR13
    by The Residents
  3. I Left My Heart In Uncanny Valley
    by Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin
  4. Fish Drive Edsels
    by Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin
  5. Bucketheadland 5 13 10 31
    by Bucketheadland
  6. Dead Cross
    by Dead Cross
    I waited anxiously for this one and it went beyond my expectations. Amazing album, all star lineup, Mike Patton is the cherry on top. I can only hope they do this again! I just wish it was longer! I listen to this twice in a row during a short workout :)
  7. Savage Sinusoid
    by Igorrr
  8. The Residents - Snakey Wake (Music To Honor Snakefinger 1987) SR09
    by The Residents
  9. Undestroyed
    by Free Salamander Exhibit
    I knew I was in for a treat when this project was first announced. I am not disappointed! Full of comedy, drama, and a technical masterpiece!
  10. The Residents featuring Snakefinger - 13th Anniversary Live In Holland 1986 (SR08)
    by The Residents
    Where Is She Where Is She
    The Vinyl Splatter is a work of art! The album is a piece of history!

    Buy or Die!
  11. The Swords of Slidell (soundtrack)
    by H.Fox - Bobuck
  12. Nested Tuplets
    by Darling Freakhead
    know it all know it all
    I love this album!

    I too know it all, so I figured I should probably own the album.
  13. The Greatest Show Unearthed
    by Creature Feature
    A Gorey Demise A Gorey Demise
    Music is always fun, dark humored, and technically magnificent! *HOnK*
  14. Further Adventures In Fresno
    by Brian Kenney Fresno
    Murdering Monsanto Murdering Monsanto
    I bought this album to contribute to the death of Monsanto through the law of attraction that Oprah taught me about.
  15. We'll Always Have Fresno
    by Brian Kenney Fresno
  16. They Saved Zappa's Moustache
    by NCN & Negativland
  17. A Series Of Uncomfortable Thoughts And Feelings
    by Tree Of Shame
  18. Atoms Of Eden
    by Orko The Sycotik Alien
    American Fear American Fear
    I first found this album well over a decade ago on file sharing. Happy to finally find it for sale! Take my money and make more!
  19. The Sycotik Alien
    by Orko The Sycotik Alien
  20. Forbidden Physics