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  1. Electronic Extension
    by Aaron Dilloway/Robert Turman/John Wiese
  2. End Of Trilogy
    by Yuko Araki
  3. Implicate Order
    by Nick Walters & The Paradox Ensemble
    Great modern-jazz album with a top-notch writing. А little short, but full of life forms to the brim.
  4. The Origins Of ...
    by Club Skull
  5. Dandelion Clock
    by Sarah Manning
    Remarkable and inspiring piece on a field of contemporary jazz, with a lot of things on how melody, harmony, rhythm and emotions complement, change and enrich each other. Getting a strong "composer's vision" vibe here.
  6. The Assembled
    by Petyaev-Petyaev
    I've seen Petyaev-Petyaev in live actions many times, and have heard most of their records. And I can tell you that "The Assembled" is their most interesting, compelling, thought-provoking work to date, both in terms of emotionality, musical form and the range of exposition.
    That's the spirit.
  7. Play as you go
    To listen to this music it's like watching some strange Luna Park machinery objects that works on its own with no instruction or rules. Bizarre, but very interesting experience.
  8. Mothership
    by Tineidae
  9. Don't Hesitate!
    by Emil Miszk & The Sonic Syndicate
    Solid Solid
    Incredible musicality, complicated and original composition, interesting arrangements, excellent space-time sense, heart and soul - all of that is here!
  10. Robert J Zimmer?
    by Robert J. Zimmer?
    Highly multidimensional jazz-progressive-fusion album: in every sense, inside and out, in a myriad of ways.
    I wouldn't miss it.

    It's doubly amazing that such mature and solidly composed music was made by the very young artists.
  11. Lobster Cracking
    by Elliot Galvin
    Great jazz EP, that combines heart, soul, form and exceptional intellect.
    Plus, you can dance to it (in an uncharted style) like an alien septuple thing.
  12. Horizon Matrix
    by Max Corbacho
  13. FRANCESCO CUSA "66six" - Du Démon et d'autres questions", by Francesco Cusa
    by Francesco Cusa
    A compelling voyage in the "adventuresome-jazz-or-something" area. Intriguing in every respect - from A to Z.
  14. A Connection to the Wonder
    by Max Corbacho
  15. Quasi
    by Dronny Darko & Phaedrus
  16. Metamorphosis
    by Laura Schuler Quartet
    Beautiful, bursting with flux piece of contemporary music, whatever you want to call it: "free jazz" or "avant-garde".
    Emotive, ecstatic, but not the ordinary thing.
  17. Yes We Are
    by The Way Out
    Highly imaginative and inspiring performance. This "ebb-and-flow" assemblage has enough ideas, boons and closet skeletons to fuel a dozen albums for some other well-known (and not so well-known) jazz bands and collaborations. Please, don't stop it, guys.
  18. Rust to Rust
    by Daniel Menche
  19. Assemblage
    by George Lewis
    Amazing contemporary classical work with a significant "avant-garde" twist. The sound structures and the permutations of the form here are just Multi-alchemistic!
  20. Flux (feat. David Binney, Matt Mitchell, Kenny Wollesen)
    by Quinsin Nachoff
    That's what I call "Perfectly composed contemporary music", no less.