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  1. Creative Music Orchestra (NYC) 2011
    by Anthony Braxton
  2. Quartet (Mannheim) 2010
    by Anthony Braxton
  3. Septet (Pittsburgh) 2008
    by Anthony Braxton
  4. Composition No. 259
    by Anthony Braxton
  5. Composition No. 254
    by Anthony Braxton
  7. Live in Italy
    by John Butcher & Riccardo La Foresta
    by Mallory Chipman & the Mystics
  9. Robert J Zimmer?
    by Robert J. Zimmer?
    Highly multidimensional jazz-progressive-fusion album: in every sense, inside and out, in a myriad of ways.
    I wouldn't miss it.

    It's doubly amazing that such mature and solidly composed music was made by the very young artists.
  10. Nuance
    by B-ahwe
  11. Rising
    by B-ahwe
  12. Blue Print
    by B-ahwe
  13. Aventuras de Otoños Tardíos, Pequeñas Iluminaciones y Laaa Lalala
    by Narval Orquesta
    Playful enough to have fun and at the same time structured/free enough to generate a current of thoughts (or to light up a wide variety of mood-infested trails). Jack-in-the-box improvisational music from the Fair! : )
  14. The Perfect Crime
    by Switzermaier
  15. Metamorphosis
    by Laura Schuler Quartet
    This is beautiful, bursting with flux, piece of contemporary music, whatever you want to call it: free jazz or "avant-garde".
    Emotive, ecstatic, but not the ordinary thing.
  16. Mismas Aventuras Nuevas
    by Narval Orquesta
  17. Magical
    by Mart
    Another beautiful and stirring fusion record, carefully hidden amongst the millions of Bandcamp shelves.
  18. TVL-037 // Materia Oscura
    by Diana Medina - Violeta García
  19. Kubient II
    by Kubusschnitt
    Very meditative and introspective journey on the verge of the Berlin School sound. And a remarkable one.
    37 minutes of pure bliss.
  20. TVL-003 // Blanco Teta
    by Blanco Teta
    Córdoba Police Department Córdoba Police Department
    That bullshit'esque feeling, when you're dance like an insane Egyptian while you've got that Skype conference at the Covid-19 time.
    "Cordoba Police Department"! What's the name!