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  1. L'Idiophone
    by Forever Pavot
  2. Zorn
    by Zorn
    As another reviewr stated, this lovely, wild n' eccentric LP sounds a bit like Voivod circa '85, '86. oh yes. to my ears, though, Zorn's style is enhanced by Bathory's black n roll, Exodus' primitive fierceness (first LP), The Accused's harsh speed and Die Kreuzen's hardcore quirkiness.. also some Venom, some Nunslaughter, a dash of Midnight, a spoonful of Poison Idea... 10/10.
  3. Silver Tongue
    by Light Bearer
  4. Barndomens Stigar
    by Kultivator
  5. MASSMORD - unleashed . LP
  6. Antimaster
    by Antimaster
  7. UM
    by Black Helium
  8. Second Death
    by Mansion
  9. Space Trips For The Masses
    by Modern Stars
  10. Again (LUNGS-232)
  11. Military School
    by VAN GOSH
  12. Rock Knights
    by Amethyst
  13. Sleep Spell
    by Adapter Adapter
  14. This Too Shall Pass
    by Grandma's Ashes
  15. Deadhorse
    by Deadhorse (Devonian Gardens)
  16. Epoca de Los Vaqueros
    by CLASS
  17. Goatfyre
    by Goatfyre
  18. Seaside air
    by Trettioariga Kriget
    What a beautiful, soft and slightly sad prog rock album... i wish i could create something like this, but alas, not a chance: the people i play with are all about heavy, heavier, heaviest, all the time- which of course wrecks the nerves. and hey, i'm just the drummer! ... makes me imagine my last days on earth- will i be able to go for a long walk, towards the woods, breathe in the mountain air, smile tearfully and think: 'after all, this little piece of a life was worth my while'? ...
  19. But Who's Reading Me?
    by CLASS
  20. Death Driven
    by Terminal Filth