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  1. Recovery EP1
    by RM Hubbert
    The Bird (Kathryn Joseph) The Bird (Kathryn Joseph)
  2. Lonely Hummingbird
    by Andrew Howie
    Nobody Wants To Know Nobody Wants To Know
    Sonically diverse, lyrically intelligent, emotionally engaging: I love this record. It's a journey of many twists and turns; and every one of them casts a new light on the human stories Andrew shares. Listen and then listen again... and again.
  3. It Is Something To Have Been
    by Olive Grove Records
    Wisps of Something Wisps of Something
  4. Seen and Heard EP
    by Vox Liminis
    There's Always a Way There's Always a Way
  5. Swell to Great
    by Modern Studies
    Dive-bombing Dive-bombing
  6. Flight
    by Refuweegee
    I Will Follow I Will Follow
  7. Scars Are Like A Beacon
    by Andrew Howie
    Razor Razor
  8. The Girl Who Cried For The Boy Who Cried Wolf
    by Laurie Cameron
    The Girl Who Cried For The Boy Who Cried Wolf The Girl Who Cried For The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  9. ...And Lo! The Bird Is On The Wing
    by Blue Rose Code
    In The Morning - Part 3 In The Morning - Part 3
  10. Wrack Lines
    by Jo Mango & Friends
    Bitter Fruit (Rachel Sermanni and Jo Mango) Bitter Fruit (Rachel Sermanni and Jo Mango)
  11. Fists At The Sky EP
    by Donna Maciocia
    Fists At The Sky Fists At The Sky
  12. The Great Divide
    by Andrew Howie
    The Fury And The Sound The Fury And The Sound
    Hard to pick a favourite song on this beautiful album. Songwriting that is as challenging as it is accessible as it is enduring: that must be the song-writer's Holy Grail... Clearly Andrew Howie has been drinking from that cup!
  13. The Quiet in the Land
    by Calamateur
    Call You King Call You King
  14. Each Dirty Letter
    by Calamateur
    Change This World Change This World