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    by MYRONE
  2. MYRONE LIVE 4.1.20
    by MYRONE
    Thanks for the live stream concert. Best seats in the house!
    So stoked I can buy and enjoy it again and again.
    Just what we needed to get through these challenging times.
    Keep Calm and Listen to MYRONE!
    All hail THE king of Soft Shred.
    Loved and enjoyed it Down Under here in Sydney, Australia.
    by MYRONE
    Thank you MYRONE for this wonderful song and such poignant music.
    It sums up how many are feeling in the world right now!
    Stay safe everyone.
    Keep Calm And MYRONE
  4. The Comeback Kid (Isolation Relief Mix)
    by The Midnight
    by MYRONE
    G’day from Sydney, Australia!
    Lovin’ your great guitar playing and awesome music.
    You are helping keep instrumental guitar music alive with such great tunes. Looking forward to hearing the rest of your discography.
    Keep Rockin’ \m/
  6. Conspiracy
    by Ethan Brosh
    Collision Course Collision Course
    Lovin’ your guitar work here in Sydney, Australia! I have both your previous albums and I dig your work with Michael Sweet as well. Looking forward to owning this latest album!
    Bout to also be a proud owner of the new re-issue Fender HM Strat as well thanks to your inspiration.
    Best Wishes, fenglenn73
  7. Kids (The Instrumentals)
    by The Midnight
  8. Static (feat. The Midnight) [instrumental]
    by Timecop1983
  9. Static (feat. The Midnight)
    by Timecop1983
  10. Kids
    by The Midnight
  11. America 2
    by The Midnight
    I am blown away yet again by The Midnight!
    Fantastic sounds, lyrics and arrangements on this spectacular track.
    Take my money....PLEASE... You deserve it.
    Spreading the word about The Midnight down under here in Australia!
    fenglenn73- Sydney Australia
  12. Lost Boy
    by The Midnight
    G'day, from Australia!
    Have been spreading The Midnight word and love to anyone with ears. Love, Love, Love the new track and makes for nostalgic memories and soaking in the sweet sounds and lush production.
    Well done guys.
    Excited to hear more!
    fenglenn73-Sydney Australia
  13. Act 1
    by SEPTEMBER 87
  14. Bad Dream Baby
    by SEPTEMBER 87
    Bad Dream Baby Bad Dream Baby
    Great Song...
    Can’t wait to hear the next release if it’s as fantastic as this song!
    Loved the film clip as well and it’s great to be able to support Aussie synth wave artists !
    Well done guys, looking forward to hearing more.... soon please!
    by GUNSHIP
  16. Art3mis & Parzival
    by GUNSHIP
  17. Nocturnal (The Instrumentals)
    by The Midnight
  18. Atlas
    by FM-84
  19. Days of Thunder (the instrumentals)
    by The Midnight
  20. Endless Summer
    by The Midnight