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  1. Hyaline
    by maria bc
  2. LOSS
    by Birdstone
  3. Fully Plugged In
    by Daniel Romano
    The fact that Daniel Romano isn't on my radio makes the fact that rock music is dead doubly bitter.

    This band is my only consolation that Tom Petty is gone.

    This set is absolutely timeless and classic, it exemplifies everything that rock band should be.

    Some jerk at Rolling Stone magazine should be writing about and dying on the hill that is Daniel Romano instead of...I digress.

    Buy it, and love it, it is as vibrant as summer vacation. Bring Solarcane!
  4. The Space
    by Somali Yacht Club
  5. I'm as Good as Gone
    by John Mayall
  6. Hanged, Drawn, & Quartered
    by Troll Teeth
    Expect Nothing, Receive Nothing Expect Nothing, Receive Nothing
    This is one thematically and lyrically damning bleak record stemming from the black well that Geezer tapped.

    Beefy riffs, fat grooves, cool vocals all over this as well. Pete-r just fucks some shit up on this record

    Excellent, edjumacational Dooooooomy, serious and seriously tight, this is a must have record. Don't let the silly name of the band put you off.
  7. Marked For Death
    by Emma Ruth Rundle
  8. Inches From the Sun
    by Spelljammer
  9. Ancient of Days
    by Spelljammer
  10. Abyssal Trip
    by Spelljammer
  11. VoI II
    by Spelljammer
  12. Echoes From A Mass
    by Greenleaf
    This is a thick, soft, warm wool plaid blanket of a record. Echo and reverb drench the warm, fuzzy mix of hooky anthems rooted very much in 90s classic hard rock, with undeniable leanings towards modern stoner rock ala Witch/Lowrider (Love, Bury, Hang, On Wings).

    Arvid Hällagård sings a lot like Eddy Vedder at times, 'March..grounds' for instance could be found on a pearl jam record.

    This is a tight, bluesy record wrap yourself up in it and take comfort, it's not that easy to give up!

  13. As Days Get Dark
    by Arab Strap
  14. Lupi Amoris
    by Heavy Temple
  15. gateway band (mclusky live in Cardiff and London)
    by mclusky
  16. hip gone gunslingers
    by christian fitness
  17. Damnation No Longer Hurts
    by Rejoice
  19. Cobra Poems
    by Daniel Romano
  20. Solar Mantra
    by Solar Mantra