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  1. Alessandro Parisi's Remake
    by Alessandro Parisi
    Golden Mountains exclusive
  2. (Viewlexx V-030) Epitaph Of Ego
    by Onont Kombar
  3. (Viewlexx V12/3) The Brown Elbow Conspiracy
    by I-F
  4. (Strange Life SLR038) The March To The Stars
    by DMX Krew
  5. (Strange Life Records SLR036) Asturias Tierra De Leyendas
    by Vagon Brei
  6. (Strange Life Records SLR030) Special Brigade
    by Florenza Mavelli
  7. (Strange Life Records SLR02D) Badass 808 Rhtythm Trax
    by Westside Box Savants
  8. (Strange Life Records SLR027) Schaduw Horizon
    by Sammy Osmo
  9. (Strange Life Records SLR025) Dark Days 2
    by Legowelt
  10. (Strange Life Records SLR022) The Rise And Fall Of Manuel Noriega
    by Legowelt
  11. (Strange Life Records SLR020) Pacific Northwest Sasquatch Research
    by Smackos
  12. (Strange Life Records SLR019) The Europa Judgement
    by Franz Falckenhaus
  13. (Strange Life Records SLR018) The Cambridge Library Murders
    by Phalangius
  14. (Strange Life Records SLR015) Computer Day
    by Smackos
  15. (Strange Life Records SLR012) Stories From My Cold War
    by Franz Falckenhaus
  16. (Strange Life Records SLR011) Data Cat
    by Faceless Mind
  17. (Strange Life Records SLR010) Where Is Carlos
    by Unit Black Flight
  18. (Strange Life Records SLR009) Waiting For The Red Bear
    by Smackos
  19. (Strange Life Records SLR008) Songs From 1981-87
    by SCD
  20. (Strange Life Records SLR004) Bortom E4's Horrisont
    by Karl Lindh