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  1. Chapter Eleven
    by Robert Turman
  2. Stitched Up
    by Whirling Hall Of Knives
    I would go out tonight but my new kipper tie has so far failed to attract the attention of the local sorceresses I'd been hoping to impress. In fact, up to this point, I haven't got a witch to stare.

    A fitting coda to what is already being retrospectively referred to by admirers and detractors alike as "the Whirling Year of WH[202]OK".

    "It's brutal..." - some guy
  3. The Dead C - We Don't Know Anymore (aep t-014)
    by The Dead C
  4. Bardo (shortform) for Three Turntables, Pipe Organ & Piano
    by Robert Curgenven
    by REYNOLS
  6. Robert Pete Williams
    by Robert Pete Williams
  7. Le Grand Etang
    by Delphine Dora
  8. L'inattingible
    by Delphine Dora
  9. Sulfuric Disintegration
  10. Fades EP
    by The Last Sound
  11. Ex-Relics EP
    by The Last Sound
  12. Fina/Cold/Fire EP
    by The Last Sound
  13. Skids
    by The Last Sound
  14. Oonil EP
    by The Last Sound
  15. 1mEYES
    by The Last Sound
  16. Rainbow Xplode
    by The Last Sound
  17. Amiga
    by extnddntwrk
  18. Taaritt
    by Mamman Sani
  19. Sousoume Tamachek
    by Mdou Moctar
  20. La Musique Electronique du Niger
    by Mamman Sani