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  1. Sincerely, Bagman
    by Grandparents
  2. Noctunes
    by Willis Earl Beal
    Flying So Low Flying So Low
  3. RAW
    by The Ghost Ease
  4. Temporary Monument
    by Woolen Men
    Clean Dreams Clean Dreams
  5. Quit Yer Job
    by The Ghost Ease
    Qwi Mai Yab Qwi Mai Yab
  6. Life Rips
    by Mommy Long Legs
    Life Rips Life Rips
    by the domestics
    American Drag American Drag
    Straight-up rock delivered by musicians with a range of talents.
  8. Le Monde Möö
    by Moodoïd
    La lune La lune
    With the underpinnings of psychedelic legends like Pink Floyd and King Crimson, the band settles in a more modern pop groove that is entirely spaced-out and sexy in the best possible way.
  9. Bast
    by Like a Villain
    My Dog Ate It My Dog Ate It
    Inspiring, evocative, and entirely moving. Like A Villain spurs emotions so deeply one can't help but cry.
  10. K.O.T.N.W. II: Curse Of The Pharaoh
    by Luck-One
    Malcolm X BLVD. (prod. by Mike Mo) Malcolm X BLVD. (prod. by Mike Mo)
    One of the best.
  11. It's All Gonna Break
    by Wishbeard
    Strawberry '79 Strawberry '79
    Immediately fell in love with this Seattle group. Impossible to not like.
  12. False Dancers
    by Monogamy Party
    Wasted Time Wasted Time
    Rarely do albums come along that push you to get wasted and punch walls in a way that feels & sounds good. Steal shit. Do drugs. Crank it up.
  13. Vs PRTLND
    by TxE
    This Town (Sallie Ford) ft Vursatyl of Lifesavas This Town (Sallie Ford) ft Vursatyl of Lifesavas
    Hands-down one of the best hip-hop acts in the Pacific Northwest with enough skill to win over listeners anywhere.
  14. LP
    by Boyscout Discovery
    Coyote In The Bronx Coyote In The Bronx
    Already destined for many Best of 2014 lists.
  15. Get Lost
    by Genders
    Atlas Moth Atlas Moth
    Genders are one of the best live acts in the Pacific Northwest, and with a recent tour with Built to Spill and this full-length debut they're proving to be ready for a national break out year.
  16. Monuments
    by Fanno Creek
    On My Way On My Way
    One of Portland's most beloved bands as a riotous sing-along folk trio, this album opens their soundscape and takes the band to some impressive realms. It's no hyperbole to say their evolution is Beatles-like.
  17. Growing Up In The Future
    by Kung Foo Grip
    Growing Up In The Future (feat. Kirk Huffman) Growing Up In The Future (feat. Kirk Huffman)
    So much fun. Great music to play just about anytime.
  18. breatharian
    by Mndsgn.
    Inhale Inhale
    Incredible release from FSH SLCTS - one of the best new labels around.
  19. Gotham Down Deluxe
    by Jean Grae
    Jean Grae makes any project she touches all the better.
  20. Whales and Leeches
    by Red Fang
    Blood Like Cream Blood Like Cream
    Portland metal, FTW!
  21. Pancakes
    by Log Across The Washer
    Don't Move On With Burn This Guy Don't Move On With Burn This Guy
    Tyler Keene is an experimental pop music genius.
  22. The Ghost Ease
    by The Ghost Ease
    Luke Luke
    One of the most promising young bands to come out of Portland in the last five years.
  23. Afelan
    by Mdou Moctar
    Issusahid Elwaname Issusahid Elwaname
    More great music brought to the States from Sahel Sounds!
  24. King Of The Northwest
    by Luck-One
    Breakthrough Breakthrough
    If you don't know Luck-One, start here.
  25. Beautiful Music Part 2
    by Luck-One & Dekk
    Searchin Searchin
    Luck-One is one of the finest MCs in Portland. His freestyle ability is strong, his choice in collaborators is usually on point, and he's already established a good back catalog of material - all the potential to be a national break-out artist.
  26. VCR EP
    by Spookies
    Red Words Red Words
    Spookies are an all-star team making some of the my favorite music. Didn't even have to listen to a single track before purchasing this one, I know it's great.
  27. Hold
    by WL
    You're Not Really Here You're Not Really Here
    Beautiful, simple music that sometimes strays into Sonic Youth territory, yet would be perfect as the soundtrack to 'Twin Peaks' or 'Drive' or any night of the year.
  28. Bison, Bison
    by Bison, Bison
    She Says She Says
    Stoner metal I guess is the term for this genre. Maybe I'm not hard enough for real metal. Whatever. These tracks rule.
  29. EP
    by Genders
    Golden State Golden State
    A look at what's to come from Genders. After they get back from a tour with Built To Spill they should be continuing on their full-length debut, which has already been named one of Portland's best new records.
  30. 7"
    by Genders
    Show Me Show Me
    Genders is just so damn cool. A little rock, a little indie, a little surf jam, but mostly just a honest band for the new age everyone can dig.
  31. Forest
    by Ocean Age
    Tik Tik Tik Tik Tik Tik
    Rumor has it that these cats are going to make another record, which would be terrific because I feel like they never got the chance to show the world the complex masterpiece they have inside them.
  32. YOURS
    by YOURS
    Ordinary Life Ordinary Life
    Almost like an electronic Portugal. The Man, YOURS makes some catchy hooks that deserve wider acclaim.
  33. Live From Potland Oregon
    by PDXtraFly
    Who Got Match Who Got Match
    A young crew with something to prove, but perhaps enough energy to pull it off. Hard to say where they'll be in a couple years, but I'm rooting for the home team and Portland could definitely use another good group to brag on.
    by TOPE
    Tope is just so damn smooth on this album. His production skills are phenomenal, so fat and crisp in all the right places.
  35. Last Thursday
    by Wes Guy
    Killingsworth To Rosa Parks Killingsworth To Rosa Parks
    Watch out for this young artist. He has a lot drive, and I suspect will release a truly great album someday.
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  36. Aggressive Inline Skating
    by TeenSpot
    The Hero The Hero
    I wish everything from the 90s sounded like this so that I could have been a cool kid.
  37. keeps me apart / fortune cookie
    by The Numbats
    keeps me apart keeps me apart
    I'm pretty much in love with everything The Numbats do. You should be to.
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  38. Skeletons
    by BRYSONCONE666
    Talkin' to the Dead Talkin' to the Dead
    There's a lot of fuzz, doom-pop elements in several bands these days, but this project dives into the deep-in, stays there, and drowns you in it, and makes you feel strangely good becoming a ghost.
  39. Rainy Day
    by The Memories
    Rainy Day Rainy Day
    The Memories are often hit or miss, but songs that land their mark are damn near perfect.
  40. Wooden Indian Burial Ground
    by wooden indian burial ground
    Helicopter Helicopter
    WIBG is the most intense psych-rock I've ever seen live. They aren't playing stoned-out grooves, they're trying to give you a meltdown.
  41. The Binding of Isaac
    by Danny Baranowsky
    Those Responsible Those Responsible
    One of the few video game soundtracks that would have still be great without the game.
  42. Let's Make Love Come True
    by Monarques
    I Won't Cry I Won't Cry
    Monarques really came into their own with this album. A bit of beach soul, some funky riffs, and joyful vocals, 'Lets Make Love Come True' can warm your winter heart as you wait for summer's rays.
    by Gaytheist
    Condemn The Condemners Condemn The Condemners
    Finally, some hard fucking rock that the kids and old metal heads can both appreciate. Open up the pit!
  44. Start from an End (Self Release 2012)
    by Nucular Aminals
    Family Barber Family Barber
    A little crunchy, a little drunken - like a dark, punkish version of a 1960s psychedelic band coming down off a particularly long acid trip.
  45. Onuinu
    by Mirror Gazer
    Mirror Gazer Mirror Gazer
    One of the best debuts I've ever heard. Expect great things from this artist.