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  1. Ruin
    by Prms
  2. Reflections of Purple Sun
    by EABS
  3. EEG Coherence
    by EEG Coherence
  4. Station '70: Call in Question / Live Independence
    by Masayuki Takayanagi
  5. Rising
    by Jasmine Myra
  6. Semikujira
    by ARASHI
  7. Mitochondria
    by Akira Sakata / Takeo Moriyama
  8. Surveillance
    by Painted Caves
  9. ethereal kid
    by suigetsu
  10. C.L.E.A.N
    by The Mercy Vacuum
    To Despise Reproductive Mechanisms To Despise Reproductive Mechanisms
    Marvelous first date music - highly recommended for fans of My Chemical Romance, Creed, and similar melody-driven dancehall smashers. Don't forget to grab a copy for your parents as well!
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  11. This is the Harsh Trip for New Psyche
    by Dope Purple & Berserk
  12. Cathartic Black Terror
    by Ursünde
    Der Fall Der Fall
    Some of the best, most refreshing classic BM to hit the scene - I cannot wait for the full length & physical release.
    Even my lazy pug immediately torched a church after hearing this EP.
  13. (-)
    by WOMB11
  14. Pitch Black
    by Mathbonus
  15. Guerrinha - Exposição Popular
    by 2 Headed Deer
  16. VOID-003 - SANGAM
    by Sangam
  17. More Than Existence
    by Sangam
  18. Transporting Salt
    by Spiritczualic Enhancement Center
  19. Gu-N
    by Gu-N
  20. Un été sans fin
    by Bruno Duplant & Primož Bončina