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  1. Tales of WolloW - Volume 1
    by WolloW
    WolloW are a UK combo who decorate off centred grooves of stoner metal, grunge and prog with lyrical themes of penny dreadful flavoured horror. Quirky but brilliant!
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  2. Death Rattle
    by Desert Storm
    Cheyne Stoking Cheyne Stoking
    Desert Storm blowing in with their seventh album to date and the Oxford outfit are still killing it! British underground rock at its finest.
  3. by Megaride
    A Piedi Nudi A Piedi Nudi
    Here's an unusual one ..... a blend of stoner metal, doom and grunge from Italy with its vocals delivered in the Neapolitan language (not a dialect). Damn good stuff!
  4. Howl at Her Light EP
    by DARK BLUES Project
    Howl at Her Light Howl at Her Light
    Wow. Wow and thrice wow! This is seriously good shit, great songs, great musicianship and great vocals.
  5. Transylvania Baby
    by Who Rides The Tiger
    Geronimo Geronimo
    Apparently this first saw the light of day in 2008 but has only just made it to Bandcamp now, so should you shell out hard earned cash to acquire it nearly 15 years later, well if you've never heard it before then the answer is YES. Man this kicks ass!
  6. The End’s Beginning
    by Disciples of the Apocalypse
    Ritual Blood Sacrifice Ritual Blood Sacrifice
    Gruff growly doom that punches you hard in the solar plexus then brings its knee up to smash you in the face. Brutal!
  7. Back to Eleusis
    by JHUFUS
    Kykeon recipe Kykeon recipe
    If you dig the spaced out prog of Ozric Tentacles and are also a fan of the trance like psybient grooves of Shpongle then this is going to blow your fucking mind!
  8. Turned To Stone Chapter 8: The Wake
    by High Desert Queen & Blue Heron
    Two great bands playing some outstanding music on one great label.
  9. Parable of the Taxidermist’s Dilemma
    by Mississippi Bones
    Parable of the Taxidermist's Dilemma Parable of the Taxidermist's Dilemma
    Reasons to celebrate: Three new Mississippi Bones tracks.
    Reasons to be sad: ONLY three new Mississippi Bones tracks.
  10. II
    by Ray Temple
    Naked B Naked B
    Hazy edged garage flavoured stoner/psych/blues grooves.
  11. Hey!
    by Elephant Rose
    Garnotte Garnotte
    Three tracks of pacey French-Canadian molten hot metal fronted with scorching vocals.
  12. Thousand Petals
    by Auralayer
    These guys call what they do "Power Doom" and its not hard to see why.
  13. Hazy Path of Doom
    by Godless Descent
    Book of Vile Darkness Book of Vile Darkness
    Off-centred quirky doom grooves, vocals are gritty of tone and are delivered in odd but nonetheless highly effective meters.
    Good stuff!
  14. Trolldoom (EP)
    by Wizdoom
    Doomed Fleet Doomed Fleet
    This has that definitive Scandinavian underground sound which makes it a must have for fans of bands like Kamchatka, Lonely Kamel and Spiritual Beggars.
    Full review here ...
  15. Vulture City
    by Vulture City
    The Cadavers The Cadavers
    Hard rock/proto-metal with just the merest hint of sleaziness in its makeup.
  16. Necropolitan
    by Green Yeti
    Witch Dive Witch Dive
    Spacey stoner/hard rock/psych decorated with a cool cross-range of vocal tones beneath which crunchy riffs, boneshaking bass and busy, busy drumming hold sway.
    Full review here ....
  17. Higher Than This
    by The Slow Attack
    Higher Than This Higher Than This
    Nicely balanced bluesy stoner rock fronted by vocalist who sounds like he gargles with razorblades.
  18. The Far Realm
    by Gozer
    Weight of the World Weight of the World
    Gritty desert/stoner rock of the type its hard not to fall in love with.
  19. Live In The Hammer
    Druid 1//Crypt Reaper//Burn Me Down Druid 1//Crypt Reaper//Burn Me Down
    Heavy cloying and atmospheric, the perfect soundtrack to watch a world falling into decay to.
    Full review here ....
  20. Taller than a grave is deep
    by Llewellyn the Great
    Where the fuck are my shoes? Where the fuck are my shoes?
    Lo-fi British blues/hard rock that is lyrically tongue in cheek and self depreciating in a way that only us Brits can pull off.