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  1. Go Slow
    by KYBEROX
    Broken Will Broken Will
  2. From The Centre Of a Parallel Universe
    by Frozen Planet....1969
    Through Hell's Kaleidoscope, Parts I & II Through Hell's Kaleidoscope, Parts I & II
  3. Croweater 2: The Last Wishes of Kings
    by Fall of an Empire
    This Mountain This Mountain
    Fall of an Empire return with part two of their Croweater saga. If you were party to part one you'll know to expect phenomenal grooves of proggish hard rock married to stoner/desert grooves all coated in superb vocals, if you was not then buy and listen to the previous album and come back to this after!
    Full review here ....
  4. La Iglesia Atómica
    by La Iglesia Atómica
    Resurrección Resurrección
    After a twenty year absence this Puerto Rican band return with one of the best psych/stoner albums of the year Full review here .....
  5. The Great American Death Rattle
    by Youngblood Supercult
    Burning Messiah Burning Messiah
    There is no getting away from the fact that Youngblood Supercult are at heart a blues band but they are a blues band who take the genre invert it, shake it, twist it and mould it into something quite different and utterly stunning! Full review here ....
  6. Prologue
    by Poseidon
    The Beginning The End The Colony The Beginning The End The Colony
    Somewhat heavier and touch more progressive and cereberal than you would normally expect to come out of the Ripple hit factory but more power to them for getting behind this excellent band and releasing this truly stunning album. Full review here ....
  7. Buzzard
    by Buzzard
    Never Again Never Again
    Hard rock/proto-metal grooves of superb quality and class. This band just get better and better! Full review here ......
  8. Demo
    by High Priestess
    Firefly Firefly
    Quality stoner/psych doom of the highest order with haunting ethereal harmonies sang over scintillating dark lysergic grooves.Full review here ....
  9. The Day The Stranger Came
    by New Age Leper
    The Frown The Frown
    Kiwi groovsters New Age Leper smack the ball way out of the ballpark with this their latest release.

  10. Death and Love
    by The Curf
    Lunar Lair Lunar Lair
    The Curf are fast evolving into serious contenders within the stoner/doom/psych scene and with this their latest opus the band have excelled themselves, Darker, deeper and deliciously doomy "Death and Love" is their best work to date!. Full review here ....
  11. Tell it to the Judge
    by The Judge
    From the Mountain From the Mountain
    And it comes to the courts attention that this is some authentic seventies sounding hard rock sprinkled with a little psychedelic stardust. Excellent grooves of the highest quality.......The defence rests its case m'lord.
  12. Purple Blaze
    by Pantanum
    LADO B 02 Purple Blaze LADO B 02 Purple Blaze
    Devasting riffage combined with raw edged vocal tones and plodding pulverising rhythms makes this little doomy beauty something to savour and cherish
  13. Waiting for Nowhere
    by Occult Wisdom
    Waiting for Nowhere Waiting for Nowhere
    Nicely paced lysergic laced precursor to a hopefully soon to be released 7" single.
  14. Electric Vengeance
    by Mammuten
    The Bane of Man The Bane of Man
    Spacey Greek stoner/desert grooves boasting an awesome bass sound and clean slightly monotonic vocals.
  15. Switchblade Jesus
    by Switchblade Jesus
    The Wolves The Wolves
    Seriously good stoner/hard rock with a hint of southern swagger. Riffs and rhythms to die for and a vocalist with just the right blend of raw and clean tones make this an album to keep coming back tio time and time again.
  16. Revolution
    by Cosmos Overkill
    Lines Lines
    A friend summed this up perfectly....Fuzz, Rock, Sweden!
  17. Cold Hand Live EP
    by Salem's Bend
    Cold Hand Cold Hand
    Salem's Bend laying it down live and dangerous.
  18. THE EVIL
    by The Evil
    About None Guilty About None Guilty
    Scintillating grooves of doom that pour from your speakers like white hot magma destroying all before it
  19. Tar Pit
    by Tar Pit
    Bruja Bruja
    Three tracks of low, slow and heavy proto-doom with clean, powerful vocals that sit slightly back in the mix giving the bands grooves an extra air of menace and foreboding.
  20. Seeds of the Past
    by Sound of Origin
    Warfarin Warfarin
    Fuzzilicious stoner/desert refrains from the UK coated in diverse array of vocal tones driven by a thunderous barrage of distorted bass and pounding percussion.
    Full review here ....
  21. Snakes & Liars
    by Nekromant
    Stoned to Death, Doomed to Die Stoned to Death, Doomed to Die
    Sabbath-esque but so much more than just Sabbath worship Snakes & Liars is an album that will be there or thereabouts on many of those end of year lists come December.
  22. Legalize It
    by Dope Smoker
    Nirvana Nirvana
    Welsh trio Dope Smoker return with more sizzling fuzz drenched odes to the joys of marijuana and pleas to make it legal in the UK.
    Full review here .....
  23. The Sunken Djinn
    by Vokonis
    Calling from the Core Calling from the Core
    Vokonis return with "The Sunken Djinn" an album of intense and deliciously menacing stoner metal that's gonna be on many best of lists come the end of the year
    Full review here .....
    by EGYPT
    Final Heist Final Heist
    Egypt are back more raucous and gritty than before with a platter of essential stoner/hard rock delights.
    It's Egypt man how can you possibly not love it
  25. Second Coming of Heavy: Chapter Six
    by Kayleth/Favequaid
    Kayleth - Desert Caravan Kayleth - Desert Caravan
    Two of Ripple's finest laying it down hard and gritty on one release with both bands coming out of it with equal honours and their reputations enhanced.
  26. Carnivores
    by Clan
    Wolves Wolves
    Gritty fuzz'n'roll from one of the UK's finest.
    Good songs, great rhythms and a ton of fuzzy guitar make this one of many contenders for download of the month.
  27. Monolith
    by RIPIS
    Wanderer Wanderer
    Monolithic grooves of heaviness laid down thick, low and nasty beneath a mixture of growled and mournfully clean vocal tones
    by MOON RATS
    Become the Smoke Become the Smoke
    Heavy proto-doom overlaid with folk tinted vocal melodies, Imagine Wolf people jamming with Sabbath and Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats
    Your Bliss Your Bliss
    Motorhead-style heavy rock'n'roll with a mix of stoner and punk attitude.
    Full review here ....
  30. the black bible tracks
    by Altareth
    Blood Blood
    Two superb tracks of hazy psychedelic doom from a band who are making quite a name for themselves within this genre.
    Full review here ....
  31. Icicles
    by Low Sun
    One track but a beauty...Dark Floydian swirling psych grooves with a prog core that lift you ,for a time, out of life's mundanity and allow you to drift among the clouds in a sky filled with infinite colours and textures
  32. The Hare and the Hollow
    by Ruff Majik
    Harpy Harpy
    South Africa's purveyors of the fuzz return with three more tracks of psych drenched, slightly twisted stoner/hard rock.
  33. Beyond The Black Pyramid
    by TarLung
    Beyond The Black Pyramid Beyond The Black Pyramid
    Thrumming sludge/heavy stoner refrains delivered over pulverising rhythmic backdrops with hoarsely growled vocals telling stories of conflict and loss.
    Low slow and HEAVY!
    Full review here ....
    by POSTE 942
    Color of Red Color of Red
    Blues flecked hard/stoner rock with raucous shades of punk-ish aggression thrown in here and there.
    Kicks some serious ass!!!
    Full review here ....
  35. Riff Religion | 2017 Vinyl/Digital
    by Albinö Rhino
    Riff Religion Riff Religion
  36. Tales of the stoned
    by Holyweed
    Cinderella smoked weed Cinderella smoked weed
    Seriously good instrumental jams of stonerized folk tinted rock that fans of Wishbone Ash will absolutely adore
  37. Triumph of Death
    by Birnam Wood
    Triumph of Death Triumph of Death
  38. Seventies Tapes
    by Angel Witch
    White Witch (Demo) White Witch (Demo)
    Rough demos of some of Angel Witch's most classic tunes available now in order to raise funds for those affected by the Grenfell Tower disaster in West London.
  39. Chasing A Prize Worth Nothing
    by Slug13
    Surplus Killing Surplus Killing
    More aggressive and angrier than before, Slug 13 go for the throat with six songs of furiosity and contempt aimed at a world not much cared for
  40. Thunder Mouth
    by Almost Honest
    Appalachian Sasquatch Appalachian Sasquatch
    Quirky stoner.sludge that incorporates elements of prog complexity, stoner grit and metallic funkiness into ten totally infectious tunes.
    Full review here ....
  41. Royal & Damned
    by The Stone Eye
    Farewell Lady Farewell Lady
    How I missed this glorious triple jump of fuzz'n'groove is anybody's guess but it is here now in the collection of someone who will truly cherish and love it.
  42. Half Mile Harvest
    by The Teskey Brothers
    I Love A Woman I Love A Woman
    Not the usual fare your likely to find on my BC page but this is some cool Allman Brothers type uber soulful blues and as anyone who knows me will tell you I can't resist uber soulful Allman Brothers type blues
    Superb stuff
  43. Mansestral
    by Mansestral
    El temido El temido
    Excellent fuzzy Argentian grooves with El temido the stand out track.
    Wailing guitars, thrumming bass lines and thunderous percussion over which superbly executed vocal melodies are delivered make this a truly awesome listen.
  44. Solar Fuzz
    by Spocaine
    Solar Fuzz Solar Fuzz
    Germany's answer to Clutch return with a new EP, a rip roaring affair replete with big throaty vocals and big fuzzy guitars delivered over even bigger rhythmic grooves..
    Full review here ...
    Killer stuff!
  45. Phe
    by Phe
    Hide Hide
    Dusty Dutch desert grooves laced with oodles of bluesy swagger and doomy atmospherics,
    Full review here ....