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  1. Salvian Journey
    by Hovenweep
    Salvian Journey Salvian Journey
    Superbly executed grooves that blend together aspects of heavy psych, grunge and stoner rock that are then sweetened by clean soaring vocal melodies.
  2. Doomed & Stoned in Wales
    by Doomed & Stoned
    Automated Man Automated Man
    Casgliad trawiadol yn arddangos rhai o fandiau tanddaearol gorau Cymru

    Stunning compilation showcasing some of Wales' finest underground bands
  3. Cooter Brown
    by Cooter Brown
    Knucklebuster Knucklebuster
    Crunching Raging Slab style guitar riffage twinned with stuttering hard rock rhythms then decorated with ragged raw vocal tones makes this not only enjoyable but also damn nigh essential
  4. The Burning Brain Band
    by The Burning Brain Band
    Launch Sequence Launch Sequence
    Due to glut of bands all bearing the same name Druid, a band whose blend of psych, folk, heavy rock and prog is something to be marveled at, decided to rebrand themselves as The Burning Brain Band. To mark this auspicious occasion the band, under this new name, have just released their best album to date!
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  5. Adikia
    by Matote
    Nicely balanced blend of prog(ish) metal and heavy psych
  6. Sorcia
    by Sorcia
    Coffin Nails Coffin Nails
    Deeply engrossing blend of stoner rock, sludge metal and hard rock fronted with vocals that range from grungy croons to throat shredding primal roars.
  7. Sleepwulf
    by Sleepwulf
    Misty mountain Misty mountain
    Unashamedly retro, unbelievably brilliant!
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  8. Sign Of The Devil
    by Dopelord
    Heathen Heathen
    Oh man does this band get better with every release or WHAT! "Sign of the Devil" is Dopelord's fourth full album and their best to date, the band stretching themselves further than they have done on previous releases and sounding all the better for it!
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    Blood Circle Blood Circle
    Somewhat of a supergroup, made up of prominent musicians from the Oakland, Californian underground rock scene, Slow Phase jam 70's grooves spiced with a little hard rock funkiness! Think Trapeze jamming with The Black Crowes and fronted by Ritchie Kotzen!
  10. Last Days of The Internet
    by Böse
    Tale 1: Unpleasant Circumstances - Towers of Misery Tale 1: Unpleasant Circumstances - Towers of Misery
    It's been a while since we had a release from Bose, an improv band who used to release an album every ten minutes, but its been worth the wait
  11. Valhalla
    by Wolftooth
    As you might well expect from a band with a name like Wolftooth this is sharp with plenty of bite!
  12. Blood Moon Over Bluegrass
    by Smoke Healer
    Flat Black Cars Flat Black Cars
    Smoke Healer can do no wrong, un-overcomplicated stonerized hard and heavy rock played with passion.
  13. Green Ocean (2020 Remaster)
    by Dos Brujos
    Jam 1 Jam 1
    Here are three jams you won't want to kick out!
  14. Aradia
    by Häxan
    Baba Yaga Baba Yaga
    Blues edged occult/doom fronted by some highly impressive vocals
    by LáGoon
    Smoke & Flesh Smoke & Flesh
    Two guys ripping out the grooves while at the same time ripping up the rule book!
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  16. HYDE
    by Hyde
    Black Phillip Black Phillip
    Clipped, slightly accented, vocal tones sang over a backdrop of throbbing and raucous stoner/hard rock grooves. Excellent!
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  17. 3EESUS
    by BEESUS
    Thick toned fuzzy refrains around which quirky off-kilter melodies are sang. Different and utterly delightful,
  18. Palmyra
    by The Fizz Fuzz
    Dark Horse II Dark Horse II
    A throwback to the early days of the stoner scene when fuzz and the sound of a rented/borrowed/stolen generator filled the desert nights
  19. UnderMudBlues
    by Lunar Swamp
    Shamanic Owl Shamanic Owl
    Sludgy, swampy blues grooves tinted with doomic undercurrents, perfect for that campfire sing-along on a road trip to hell.
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    by Electric Valley Records
    This is a little bit special, a little bit magical and a whole lot of off the scale AWESOME!
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  21. Cosmic Echoes
    by Saturno Grooves
    Fire Dome Fire Dome
    Heavy instrumental grooviness from Mexico recommended to me by Joey Bradley @ Fuzz Fanatics/Cosmic FuzzFm. Got anymore like this Joey?
  22. High and Alive
    by The Watchers
    A nice document of The Watchers being watched and of course being listened to.
  23. Seed to Stoned
    by Desert Mammooth
    Yellow Monkey Yellow Monkey
    Absolutely stunning collection of synth seeded instrumental jams from these Portuguese space cadets.
  24. EP
    by Bearded Giant
    Windblown and Stunted Windblown and Stunted
    Get your proto-doom groove well and truly on with these four tracks of kick-ass riffarama.
  25. Season of the Witch Chapter One
    by Arteaga
    Brujo Brujo
    Three tracks of the most raucous and gnarly proto-flavoured doom you could possibly ever wish to hope for.
    Nasty and niiiiiice!
  26. AMMA
    by Puta Volcano
    Molten grooves spilling like magma from the scorching well of the Puta Volcano. Hot, very HOT!
  27. Vimana
    by I Saw The Deep
    Vimana Vimana
    Doom approached from entirely different angle from that we are used to and sounding all the better because of that.
    Full review here ….
  28. Aridonia
    by Aridonia
    Magia Negra Magia Negra
    Enthralling mix of stoner rock, psych and prog metal from Argentina.
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  29. Tracks From Six Feet Under
    by The Hanged Toupans
    You Know You're Falling You Know You're Falling
    Excellent Canadian hard rock stoner grooves that are fronted by melodic clean vocals, decorated in raucous crunching riffage and driven by solid tight rhythms
    by Tutatis
    Symo's lament Symo's lament
    Get your groove on with three tracks of proto flavoured hard rock packed full of howling guitar licks, thundering percussion and growling bass offset by moments of chilled introspection.
  31. Big Sleeper
    by InTechnicolour
    Under The Sun Under The Sun
    A blend of stoner strut and indie swagger spliced with a modicum of QOTSA - like off-centered quirkiness.
  32. Earhammer Sessions
    by War Cloud
    War Cloud doing what War Cloud do best...kicking ass!
  33. Reverie
    by Forming the Void
    "Reverie" finds Forming the Void fully embracing their prog/psych side yet doing so without compromising on their signature sludgy heaviness.
  34. Casting the Circle
    by High Priestess
    Superb blend of occult eeriness and doomic heaviness, High Priestess have raised the bar high with this release.
  35. Live at Freak Valley Festival
    by Great Electric Quest
    These guys have already proved that they can produce the goods in a studio setting now they show you that they can do the same thing on a stage!
  36. The Balance of Nature Shifted
    by Foot
    Excellent from start to finish reminds me in places of a more doomic Stone Roses mainly due to the vocals.
  37. Psychedelic Landscape
    by Dark Fog
    Eldnac Kcalb Eldnac Kcalb
    Set the controls for the art of the jam!
  38. Acid Communion
    by Bone Church
    Bone Church return refreshed, reinvigorated and remarkable
  39. Elements
    by Loud Silence
    Legacy Legacy
    OOOOh this is good!
    Heavy riffs and rhythms offset by moments of laid back grooviness.
  40. Fucking Relentless
    by Love Your Witch
    Megazord Megazord
    Of course we Love Your Witch, your witch is so fucking loveable!
  41. Fear of a Dead Planet
    by Planet of the Dead
    A Million Deaths A Million Deaths
    Big sounding stoner metal from the land of the Maori, heavier and scarier than an All Black's front row dancing a Haka!
    Full review here …..
  42. of Dimensions & Theories
    by Vinnum Sabbathi
    Intriguing mix of sampled narrative and gnarly sci-fi themed instrumental groove. A grittier take on Hawkwind's "Search for Space" albeit minus the vocals and swirls.
  43. Baardvader
    by Baardvader
    Toxins Toxins
    If you are a connoisseur of Dutch underground groove then you won't wanna let this pass you by!
    Full review here ….
  44. Planet Ruin
    by Stone Emperor
    The Majestic Desert The Majestic Desert
    In goes some alt-rock/grunge, some stoner fuzz and some hard rock swagger and just a pinch doomic darkness. out comes "Planet Ruin"
    Full review here …
  45. Doomed Man Blues
    by King Mountain
    Broken Law Broken Law
    Superb classic rock flavoured grooves from Greece with a strong Free/Bad Company vibe, this is ace!