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  1. The Witch of Fulci Holler
    by Mississippi Bones, Scott Lawhun, & Mer Whinery
  2. Forgotten Memories of Tomorrow
    by Ethereal Sea
    Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes
    Stupendous blend of crunch and chill, this is album of the year material in my book.
    Full review here .....
  3. Sagan Om Rymden
    by Kingnomad
    Is it me or are today's underground bands evolving at an alarming rate.? Kingnomad have always been one step ahead of the psychedelic pack but with their latest release "Sagan Om Rymden" they've left their chasers way behind.
  4. Saxon Lady
    by Custom Black
    Neptune Neptune
    Crunching proto-doom from a band that avoids all the usual Sabbath shaped pitfalls by putting their own spin on things.
    Highly enjoyable!
  5. Mother To Earth
    by Faith In Jane
    Patient and Simple Patient and Simple
    Faith In Jane are one of the most consistently overlooked bands of the underground despite the fact they haven't put out a duff album since their formation. This is superb but then I knew it would be!
  6. Calling The Quarters
    by Lacertilia
    Cloaks & Daggers Cloaks & Daggers
    Raucous and occasionally raw blend of stoner rock, punk and hard rock spiced up with journeys into more lysergic territories.
    Full review here ….
  7. Sorge
    by Sorge
    Argent Argent
    Got to thank my good friend Reek of STOOM for pointing me towards this stoner doomic nugget.
    Sorge surge!
  8. Covering Queen
    by Mos Generator / Void Vator
  9. Collapse and Fail
    by Stonebirds
  10. Addendum
    by Shogun
    A slightly unexpected but hugely welcome return from Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Shogun, these guys never fail to deliver the goods.
    Expect the usual riffs upon, riffs upon more riffs!
    Full review here ....
  11. Comatokes
    by Highbernation
    The Black Sea of Trees The Black Sea of Trees
    Distortion and fuzz fuelled grooviness that will shred your speakers to pieces!
  12. Spellbound
    by Early Moods
    Starless Starless
    Glorious blend of old school metal and proto-doom grooves overlayered with clean strong vocals.
    Full review here …..
    by king witch
    Of Rock And Stone Of Rock And Stone
    This is something a little special!
    A vocalist with an absolutely huge and astounding voice singing over grooves of highly intense and complex metallic magnificence.
    Hang on to your hats for this ride!
  14. HOUNDS
    by MOOCH
    She's a Black Hole She's a Black Hole
    Excellent blend of heavy rock and stonerized blues fronted by a vocalist with strong tonal similarities to that of the old Lizard King Jim Morrison (The Doors)
    Full review here ….
  15. Rasputiza
    by Lasse Reinstroem
    Wake Up In Soweto Wake Up In Soweto
    Excellent stoner doomic grooves from Germany, never has a heavily accented vocal so fitted the music it decorates
  16. Magical Flight EP
    by Halo Noose
    Magical Flight Magical Flight
    Heavy psych spliced with a little space rock swagger and a touch of early 70's acidity.
    Full review here ….
  17. Lightless
    by Loviatar
    Horse in Thrall Horse in Thrall
    Loviatar deliver post-rock textures shaded with heavy doomic colouring and do it rather well.
  18. Inhuman
    by Slug Mammoth
    Slumber Haze Slumber Haze
    Atmospheric doom edged with psychedelic textures and coated in cool clean vocals
  19. Feberdröm
    by GAUPA
    Grycksbo Gånglåt Grycksbo Gånglåt
    These off the wall and unconventional Swedes deliver once again with Bjork-like vocals swooping and soaring over a mix of hard rock, psychedelic folk and heavy prog.
    Absolutely essential listening!!!!!
    Full review …….
  20. Moonstone
    by Moonstone
    Mushroom King Mushroom King
    Meant to get this a while ago but in the bag now. Thundering atmospheric stoner doom coated in monastic toned vocals, very good indeed.