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  1. BH 067 Pessimist - All Hope Lost
    by Berceuse Heroique
  2. Nightmare Withdrawals
    by Blindfolded and Led to the Woods
  3. The Deal
    by SUMAC
  4. Remains
    by Hellish Form
  5. Grive EP
    by GRIVE
  6. Isolation Diary
    by Mother Anxiety & S H R I E K I N G
  7. Interstice
    by Knoll
  8. Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth
    by Body Void
  9. Pantocrator
    by FANGE
  10. Engravings
    by Forest Swords
  11. Paradise Gallows
    by Inter Arma
  12. Modern Grotesque
    by Dreamwell
  13. The Fading Flame
    by Putrescine
  14. Shallow North Dakota // KEN Mode // Kowloon Walled City
    by Shallow North Dakota, KEN Mode, Kowloon Walled City
  15. This Apparatus Must Be Earthed
    by Shallow North Dakota
  16. Mob Wheel
    by Shallow North Dakota
  17. Auto Body Crusher
    by Shallow North Dakota
  18. Shallow North Dakota - #2 Live Board Tape Series - Lee's Palace - unknown date (1998?)
    by Shallow North Dakota
  19. Shallow North Dakota - Live board tape series - Lee's Palace Toronto
    by Shallow North Dakota
  20. Ancestral Memory
    by The Sun Came Up Upon The Left and Everson Poe
    A great split. TSCUUTL's sinister, mechanical darkness lit by atmospheric harmonies complemented by Everson Poe's blast furnace of blackened doom. Fav tracks are The Loss of Self and Becoming Part II