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    by Secret Chiefs 3
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    Bereshith Bereshith
  2. Drugs On The Bus
    by Crystal Fairy
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  3. Virginal Co Ordinates
    by Eyvind Kang
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    I Am The Dead I Am The Dead
    Only just now heard I Am The Dead, and it's possible am missing the point but right now, this song is the most beautiful music that I have experienced. Felt my heart in my chest; my lips parted a bit in awe. This is the kind of song that does sound angelic and reminiscent of a pre-existing to awareness-type peace. When I die, on my deathbed, and do not receive total consciousness, I would hope that someone were playing this song in my ear.
  4. Corazones
    by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
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    Running Away Running Away
  5. Hold Your Ground
    by Antagonizers ATL
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  6. Sworn Virgins
    by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
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    To Kill A Chi Chi To Kill A Chi Chi
  7. Basses Loaded
    by Melvins
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    Hideous Woman Hideous Woman
  8. Blushing in the Night EP
    by Super Bummer
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    Lonely Death Blues Lonely Death Blues
    Don't quite have a favorite track as they are all in my opinion FANTASTIC and I love them equally. Kinda reminds me of Dinosaur Jr. although yeah a totally different sound than J. Mascis. Must find more...but as for this EP, I wish I could gift it to everyone I've ever met.
    Update: The band name betrays the content of their songs. Oh it will bring you down. Still fun, though.
  9. Jessica
    by Summer Of Haze
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    Autumn ∞ Harvest ∞ Happiness Autumn ∞ Harvest ∞ Happiness
  10. Peeping Tom
    by Peeping Tom
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    We're Not Alone - Remix (feat. Dub Trio) We're Not Alone - Remix (feat. Dub Trio)
    Collaborations, YES. Don’t Even Trip-sing this all the time bc it’s awesome and fun. Still love Your Neighborhood Spaceman-and sing this as well but tend to throw a little ballet and funk into it. Celebrity Death Match is hilarious, but also a groove to move to. How U Feelin?...just incredible and my version of heaven might be a tad bit different but fun to sing. Still believe the absolute best on this album is We’re Not Alone. One cannot help but to scream this aloud.
  11. Geocidal
    by tetema
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    The Hell of Now The Hell of Now
    Truly don't get the dissolution of territories/countries from this record. Ten Years Tricked caught my eye because it seemed prophetic, or maybe just documentation of my own history. The Hell of Now perplexed me because initially I thought it a sort of metal/meditative thing and then Mike starts breathing sounds and then the screams and it's both jolting and beautiful. Continue to believe that Mike Patton is the most talented collaborator ever
    ...I need to listen to this again. And again.
  12. Suicide is Painless
    by hepa.Titus, Mike Patton, Void Manes
  13. Crazy Price
    by Messer Chups
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    Sex Euro And Evils Pop Sex Euro And Evils Pop
    I mean, still no favorite track, and it would change anyway, but the best my amateur opinion will allow, is that if one were to imagine post-soviet surf music…well this is it. Trip.
  14. Bacteria Cult
    by Kaada/Patton
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    Red Rainbow Red Rainbow