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  1. Enchantment of the Ring
    by Secret Stairways
  2. The Birthday Girl vs. the Internet
    by Triple-Q
  3. Slow And Heavy - Tyrannic Edition
    by Diplodocus
  4. Sovereignless Souls
    by Nameless King
  5. Downfall Of Drangleic
    by Nameless King
  6. Brigador, Vol. II
    by Makeup and Vanity Set
  7. Brigador, Vol. I
    by Makeup and Vanity Set
  8. The Twelve Temples
    by Quest Master
  9. The Entombed Wizard
    by Umbría
  10. Les corps s'entrechoquent
    by Eos
  11. Délirant
    by Délirant
  12. Undir skyggðarhaldi
    by Andavald
  13. Sewer Idol Project
    by Sewerslvt
  14. apathy
    by Astrophysics
  15. PINK GUY
    by Pink Guy
  16. Ikenfell (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by aivi & surasshu
  17. Peaceful as Hell
    by Black Dresses
  18. Gaze
    by w u s o 命 & Sangam
  19. Pictures of You
    by Tsunxmi
  20. Antibirth: OST
    by mudeth