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  1. The Flesh 肉蛋蛋
    by Hai Qing 海青
  2. Raging Fyah - Audiotree Live
    by Raging Fyah
    I had almost come to the conclusion that great Jamaican reggae was a thing of the past. Thanks for proving me wrong, guys. A masterful piece of work.
  3. Optimisme
    by Songhoy Blues
  4. Reflections Of The Eternal Line
    by Florian Arbenz & Greg Osby
    I have always been an admirer of Greg Osby but Florian Arbenz was a new name to me. They have done something quite special here, in my opinion. Sax and percussion might seem a little sparse for a full album, but believe me, it is not. These are two musicians fantastically "in tune" with each other. Arbenz, all by himself, provides a rich an fascinating soundscape behind Osby's predictably intriguing playing, and the end result is totally absorbing. Highly recommended.
  5. Totem feat. Ralph Alessi
    by Ferdinando Romano
    Bellissime composizioni, ben suonate. Mi sono piacuti molto. Bravi ragazzi!
  6. Figures
    by Aksak Maboul
    When a band responsible for one of your all time favourite albums (Un Peu de l'Âme des Bandits) comes out with a new album after more than 40 years, the reaction is a mixture of excitement at the prospect, tempered with a fear of disappointment. Well, the fear was unnecessary. This album does NOT disappoint!! Utterly wonderful.
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  8. Yoruba Songbook 1(Solo Guitar)
    by Adedeji
  9. We Were Here
    by Achzeit
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  10. Back at the mansion
    by No thee no ess
  11. the pocket symphonies of no thee no ess
    by no thee no ess
  12. A Little More To Forget
    by Thodoris Kotsifas
  13. Spirit of the Time
    by Achzeit
    Splendid piece of work! Absolutely love it.
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  14. Horse Trader
    by Horse Trader
  15. 乌飞兔走昼还夜 Utopian Daymare
    by 海青 Hai Qing, 李星 Li Xing
    I absolutely love this. One day, the thought occurred to me "How come we never hear any music from China? There HAS to be some really cool stuff happening out there" so I did a search and came up with this. Puts me a little in mind of Thinking Plague or Dave Kerman, with shades of latter day King Crimson, but is not in the least derivative. Great work guys!
  16. 2020 Vision
    by Sydbysyd
    Kevin, I think this is your Sgt Pepper. I have always loved your stuff, but this is a work of pure, unadulterated insane genius!
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  17. At the Zoo
    by The Next Step Quintet
  18. Harpoon
    by King of Despair
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  19. Goldilocks
    by The Cosmic Array
  20. From the test tube to the sky
    by Fernando Rey