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  1. subatomic
    by Stephanos Sabaziotis
    Stephanos' brand new creation is by far his best effort yet. The excellent use of a plethora of synths is why this album shines for. An experimental minimal electronic true little diamond!
  2. Arcadian girl
    by Stephanos Sabaziotis
    A beautiful approach on a historical music theme. Avoiding a typical remix-approach, Stephanos recreates this folk melody with his unique synthesizer style. Excellent sounds were used, too! EXCELLENT!
  3. The Resistor
    by Psychedelic Trips To Death
    Vinyl's supremacy!
  4. The Resistor
    by Psychedelic Trips To Death
    Excellent follow up! Raw production as it should be! One of my favourites 'till now. Waiting for the LP.
  5. Blood For Blood
    by Psychedelic Trips To Death
    This is the 2nd full-album and this come-back is bursting the fist. Crispy compositions and constant energy from the beginning to the end. GO and see them LIVE!!
  6. None Other
    by None Other / spyros charmanis
    A new band, a new approach!! Excellent come back! Amazing overall production, KICK ASS performance!
  7. Than The Common Plague
    by None Other
    Spyros has finally got his band rocking on! This gifted musician creates a masterpiece of progressive echoes and continues to magically surround the perfection! Highly recommended!
  8. Wound
    by None Other / spyros charmanis
    If you mix your Pain of Salvation's and Anathema's thoughts, also adding your personal taste and amazing talent, you can easily create this kind of masterpiece! Outstanding album!
  9. Lost Anthropology (Live)
    by Dine Doneff
  10. In/Out (Live)
    by Dine Doneff
  11. Morso
    by Dimitris Mystakidis
    η πιο φιλόδοξη δουλειά, έως σήμερα. Ο στίχος είναι μαχαίρι..
  12. ΒΚΧΣ
    by Jan Van Angelopoulos, Fotis Siotas
  13. Folks Nowadays
    by Jan Van Angelopoulos - Fotis Siotas
  14. ΤΡИА
    by Λάμδα
    Δεν υπάρχει ταβάνι για τη μπάντα αυτή. Κάθε δισκογράφημα είναι και αποκάλυψη. Απίστευτη έμπνευση!
  15. κάρμαν (2020)
    by αστρογόνο
    Υπέροχη και η 2η δουλειά! Υπερ-προσεγμένη παραγωγή, εμπνευσμένες συνθέσεις και ένα αποτέλεσμα που καθηλώνει σε πολλά σημεία. Εύγε!
  16. αστρογόνο (2017)
    by αστρογόνο
    ''ντεμπούτο που δεν ντρέπεται''.
    Έξοχη δουλειά!
  17. Wall Of Eyes
    by The Smile
    iela giogou
  18. A Light for Attracting Attention
    by The Smile
    ''υπάρχει πρόβλημα, γενικά...''
  19. The Mars Volta - The Mars Volta
    by The Mars Volta
  20. Quantum Unknown
    by Gravitysays_i
    The band is rising above the normal. Can't wait for the new one.