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  1. Mark Morgan / Déshumanisation des enfants de Dieu
    by no lagos musique
  2. The Worm
    by EVOL
  3. The 12th Annual International Sound Poetry Festival
    by Various
  4. Epigenetic Poetry
    by Giovanni Fontana
  5. New York 1982
    by Derek Bailey, Charlie Morrow, & Friends
  6. Nam June's Spirit Was Speaking To Me
    by Aki Onda
  7. Op. 231 Der Mund spricht die Gedanken aus - Die Landschaft gibt ihren Klang / The Mouth expresses the Thoughts - The Landscape gives it Sound
    by Henning Christiansen
  8. to look inside music
    by Henning Christiansen
  9. Op.1984 (160C) Goodday, Mr Orwell, Green Ear-Year
    by Henning Christiansen
  10. the future made me hardcore
    by tuuun
  11. pfanscotcoe
    by cd_slopper
  12. Tour Mode
  13. Obstacle
    by Phil Julian
  14. Waves for Translation
    by Blood Music
  15. Threnody for Judas Iscariot
    by Key of Shame
  16. Fino Alla Strada Vecchia
    by The No Neck Blues Band
  17. Heteronyms
    by Tony Lugo
  18. Old Neo
    by Reinhold Friedl
  19. Synth Scraping
    by Tom Mudd
  20. Pulsar Acid
    by Jung An Tagen