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Luna Farrowe

  1. Erie, Pennsylvania
  2. Electronic
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  1. Death Dream
    by Trevor Something
    If I Die If I Die
  2. Tomb For Two
    by Lebanon Hanover
    Hall Of Ice Hall Of Ice
  3. A Day In The Stark Corner
    by Lycia
    The Morning Breaks So Cold And Gray The Morning Breaks So Cold And Gray
    This record reminds me intensely of the best writing of Agalloch - brooding, melancholy, with an ethereal, nature-oriented atmosphere. Lyrics and instrumentation are full of gorgeous chiaroscuro textures - day and night, sun and rain, colour and grey - that are woven together into an exquisite portrait of the narrator's struggle with despair.
  4. The Force Theme (Single)
    by Scandroid
    The Force Theme The Force Theme
    This version of the Force Theme brings out the inner Jedi, or the inner rebel pilot, in us all.
  5. The Imperial March (Single)
    by Celldweller
    The Imperial March The Imperial March
    This reimagining of the Imperial March brings out my inner Sith lord.
  6. Sleeping Beauty
    by IX reflections
    New Man's Born New Man's Born
    Я знала, что влюблюсь в эту группу с первых нот.
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  7. The Wandering Heart
    by Through the Well of Pirene
    Farrowe here! Soothing yet mournful, pretty yet unpolished... maybe a folk song, or maybe unspoken poetry pouring from Lyra's own heart. Who knows? At some later date, perhaps those sailors will get back together with her and start a band ;)
  8. Pirene's Well: The Outtakes
    by Through the Well of Pirene
  9. Legacy 2.0
    by T4HY4
    Starchart Starchart
    Instantly grabs you with highly distinct, memorable instrumentals, expertly wielded vocals, and dark sci-fi themes :D
  10. World Of Warcraft remixes by MrVoletron
    by MrVoletron
    World of Warcraft - Stormwind/Main Theme (MrVoletron remix) World of Warcraft - Stormwind/Main Theme (MrVoletron remix)
  11. MrVoletron Mashed Up 2013
    by MrVoletron
    You FACE Jaraxxus You FACE Jaraxxus
  12. I Don't Know Much of Anything
    by Holy Crust
    In Heaven In Heaven
    Since I am intimately acquainted with the production of this EP, I'm probably a teeny bit biased. :P It's a beautiful take on a movie I have never seen, but, more importantly, is excellent on its own. Some tracks are reminiscent of the experimentation of Revolution 9, while others carry off a chilling sense of frustration and anguish. "In Heaven" is particularly harrowing - I woke up to the sound of the vocal recording in the next room...