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  1. Voyager
    by Current Joys
    Money Making Machine Money Making Machine
  2. you have to go to college
    by Car Seat Headrest
  3. This Is Home ft. KAQOTL (Cavetown Cover)
    by Raccoon Tour
    This Cover is amazing Rip Kaqotl
  4. Swimming EP
    by Swimming
    That Pen That Pen
    Swimming is an Emo//Math rock band hailing from St Johns Newfoundland. Their October 2018 release titled "Swimming EP", is a emotional action packed four song masterpiece. It is so refreshing to find a Canadian Emo Band, hyped to hear more stuff. -Ben77
  5. fail better, heal faster
    by fail better, heal faster
    Allostatic Load Allostatic Load
    Fail Better, Heal faster as described by the title of the project is an album of healing and recovery. As the album is meant to be a form of "therapy". The Mathy riffs with Emo/Pop Punk mentalities serves up for a pretty good album on surface level, but delving into the lyrics reveal the mentality of a very flawed person.
    Overall I recommend checking this album out, but do some research before hand to get more context for the album.-Ben77
  6. Couples Therapy
    by Marietta
    It's Cold Out Here It's Cold Out Here
    Modern Baseball + Marietta Couple Therapy split is the best Split recording ever. This is a bigger crossover than Endgame/Infinity War. Everything is a yes about this split, the early morning high school vibes, the sad retrospective lyrics such as the ones on "Its Cold Out Here". This presses all the right button for myself. - Ben77
  7. Demos
    by Surf Curse
    Heathers Heathers
    This collection of demos is as good as it gets, a bunch of "Raw,lofi" demos of some of their most popular songs. If your a fan of surf Curse this is essential to expose their roots! -Ben77
  8. september 4th
    by Sons of Shanley
  9. being dead is still better than being me
    by mothdive
  10. Ur the Reason I Wrote this Song (But U don't even know) [Acoustic Quarantine Session]
    by BANDITS
  11. Demos
    by Casino Hearts
    Church Girl Church Girl
    This album feels like the sound track of a 80s coming of age movie. I feel all the highs and lows of overall adolescent life within this album.
  12. fuck you
    by 2001shitpost
    fuck you (spoiliops mix) fuck you (spoiliops mix)
    *dabs in korean*
  13. Dear Ms. America
    by First Fight
    emotional music with indie elements, keep on making great stuff man!
  14. White Eagle
    by Heccra
    AM AM
    suburban angsty vibes
  15. Lottery
    by romancer
    I love this band so much lottery just hits me so hard please do a hometown show sometime soon I'd love to see it. Keep on doing what you guys do best.....Make awesome music!
  16. Nostalgia Cemetery
    by Possum
    Bought this years back nostalgia hits me like a bus.
  17. Catch U on the Flip Side
    by First Fight
    Hands down one of my most favourite songs of all time just absolute unit of a song please make some more stuff man!
  18. Rusty Cage - Soundgarden
    by Rusty Cage
  19. The Lives of Flies
    by Rusty Cage
    lives of flies is just so deep and I enjoy listening to it so much gives me chills everytime I listen.
  20. Sorry Sarah (Demo)
    by Raccoon Tour
    this is just hands down my favourite raccoon tour song it's just a bop keep doing what your doing.