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Starr Williams

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  1. What Have You Done To My Water
    by Beverly Tender
    by SlutBomb
  3. Mouse Trap
    by Mouse Trap
  4. quit + wuss
    by doubleu
  5. holographic heartache
    by if i die in mississippi
  6. Pearl
    by Starman Jr.
  7. Far Corners (Z Tapes Reissue)
    by Max Gowan
  8. Telltale Signs
    by Sobs
  9. Borrowed Floors
    by L I T H I C S
    Labor Labor
  10. Ghost Quartet
    by Ghost Quartet
  11. Four Days Away
    by John Mark Nelson
  12. firstfruits
    by pilgrims, we
  13. HUH!
    by Minimall
    Don't Tell Me Don't Tell Me
  14. Queer Kids (split w/ Tessa Lynn Plank)
    by Tessa Lynn Plank, Love in the Robotic Age
  15. Be Your Own Creature
    by Bevelers
    Gunfire at High Noon Gunfire at High Noon
    I'm madly in love with the way this album makes me feel
  16. Summer and Winter Warfare (2013 Reissue)
    by X is Y
  17. Yellow Rays
    by Laurie Shaw
    by Syd Kemp
  19. Skribbl
    by Auxiliary Phoenix
  20. Too Late And No
    by Segrasso
  21. Life One
    by GrapplinGun
  22. Tiger ! Tiger !
    by Boys Age
  23. 3-Way Split
    by Goshawk / Monsters of The Antipodes / This City Called Earth
  24. Ghost In My Elevator
    by Coral Florist
  25. Circling A Broken Depth / Mirrored Underneath
    by Lost Trail / Linden Pomeroy
  26. The Elegant Project
    by Devin Burgess
  27. Europa Radio
    by Stephen Star
  28. Wierd:Wired:Deleted
    by Scaled
  29. e.p.
    by American Haiku
    by Heliocentric
  31. Amazed, A Maze!
    by Wastefellow
  32. Asian Cuisine
    by Brotherlode
  33. MOUTH
    by Bad River
  34. Aquas Nilmarch
    by Aquas Nilmarch
  35. Bowl Cuts
    by Dr. Duloc
  36. New Don
    by Meltybrains?
  37. Lilith
    by Naoise Roo
  38. Herzog TV: A Dublin Lo-Fi Collection
    by Various Artists
  39. F A K E G O L D
    by Boys Age
  40. Life in Cycles
    by Vasudeva
  41. Haunting
    by drolle
  42. Mixtape #1
    by Moon > Sun
  43. Wire City
    by Caskets Filled With Flowers
  44. Right Up. Word On.
    by Supernormal Prophets
  45. Second Places
    by The Night Wars