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  1. Independence, Kansas
  2. Punk
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  1. Cult Leaders LP
    by Loose Nukes
  2. Echoes of Life
    by Destruct
  3. Just Desserts Splatter Vinyl EP
    by TMA
  4. Feeling Wild
    by Sensual World
  5. The Coming of the Terror EP
    by Rigorous Institution
  6. Rust
    by MORNE
    by VIRUS
  8. Age of Excuse
    by Mgła
  9. Mænad
    by E-L-R
    Simply: divine.
  10. First Demons - Birth of the Void
    by AKRASIA
  11. To the Night Unknown
    by MORNE
  12. Venereans "Future Primitive"
    by DHR-009
    Burka For Everybody Burka For Everybody
    Short and sweet songs delivered with high energy. Surf-like elements make it so much more raw, original, and interesting. Makes me want to jump around.
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  13. Noise Party 2018 Edition 1
    by Whatever68 & worldwide unsigned artists
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  14. Face of Collapse: Special Edition
    by Dazzling Killmen
    Unique and disturbing. I first saw them live, opening up for the God Bullies and knew not a thing about them. They took the stage: shorts pulled up high, nerdy baseball hats, short guitar straps... Don’t judge the book by the cover was out the window. And then they broke into a complex, ugly, dark, hypnotic wall of sound. I was instantly fascinated with all the contradictions, but most of all with a sound unlike anything I had heard before. Calculated, cold, driving, Unique and disturbing.
  15. CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Empty Heads Poison Darts
    by TOHC83
  16. CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Sick Of Reality
    by TOHC83
  17. YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Anthology
    by TOHC83
    Very happy to find it now. Brings back memories from my youth. Still sounds awesome after all those years.
  18. Now
    I used to have the LP, which I bought in 1984; should have kept it! Glad to have the music back. Good memories.
  19. Conscious Darkness
    by Blaze Of Perdition
    Very original and creative, reminiscent of Neurosis.
  20. Relatives In Descent
    by Protomartyr
    Hands down best metal album of 2018. Even 9 months later I cannot get enough of it.