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  1. In Nomine Diaboli
    by Imprecation
  2. Vast Reaches Unclaimed
    by Majesties
  3. Horned Lord of the Thorned Castle
    by Moonlight Sorcery
  4. Vrykolakas
    by Morcolac
  5. As in Gardens, So in Tombs
    by ...And Oceans
  6. A Necromancy Lore
    by Drama Noir
    As I type this in December this is easily 2023's AOTY for me. Late to the party, I know. It just never gets boring though, even dozens of full-length listens later. Everything is top-tier here; from the writing to vocals to instrument mastery. And oh the atmosphere. I'm in love. This is precisely the kind of brutal and gothic mood I lust after. Thank you so much Drama Noir for this masterpiece.
  7. Accursed Possession
    by Cultus Profano
  8. Igne Natura Renovatur Integra
    This is the ultimate definition of background-metal for me. Not that it's slow or boring or anything, mind you. While yes it can be a little slumber-inducing at times, it's simultaneously ferocious and tranquil while being breathtaking to listen to with the volume on the lower end as well as dialled all the way up to 11; or 666. This is metal for work, or for when you need to go absolutely mad.
  10. World In Ruins
    by Isolert
    Bloody hell the vocals here are absolutely majestic; supremely dynamic with loads of variance in style while maintaining a visceral brutality. The atmospheric elements are gracefully and artfully intertwined but make no mistake, this is ruthless black metal first and foremost. Band synergy is also stunning and can be felt through my speakers; everything is just so masterfully packaged together.
  11. Nightfall upon the Asylum
    by Drama Noir
  12. Inferis
    by Mental Cruelty
    Sometimes you look at an album cover and you go; "yep, this is exactly my kind of metal." I am happy to report that Inferis does not disappoint in the slightest in being able to encircle you in unholy abominations from every circle of hell to bang heads with.
  13. Datalysium
    by The Zenith Passage
  14. Praeceptum
    by Broken Glass Sanctuary
    Praeceptum REALLY doesn't wait to get into the action and makes full use of every single second of its 16-odd minute pilgrimage. Don't let the length of this album fool you; it's precisely as long as it needs to be and very much worthy of your time and dough.
  15. The Wretched Divinity
    by Mortem Obscuram
  16. Nefarious Dusk
    by Nefarious Dusk
    This is one of those times when the album cover really speaks for the album itself. What you get here is a brutal rawness in its simplest perfected form which is befitting not just for dusk but dawn as well.
  17. 1353
    by Atra Mors
  18. Thy Dying Light
    by Thy Dying Light
    Good old-fashioned black metal. Doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, but gracefully hones what is proven. Thy Dying Light is also mysteriously soothing despite its heaviness; this is metal for all day any day.
  19. Aeons of Death
    by Atra Mors
  20. Oathbreaker
    by Skiddaw
    Deep, dark, depressive; yet melodically catchy and fun. This is precisely how I envision my inevitable journey into the nether realms: howling my lungs out with pure exhilaration. Absolutely stunning vocals.