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  1. Landscapes
    by Sun Airway
  2. Midnight
    by The Motion Epic
    Shamelessly emotional piece of art.
    I love the way this album mirrors other genius’s in terms of pure love with no regard for criticism or other adjectives. Way to go #MotionEpic pure electric vibes!
  3. FLORES4
    by F L ♥ R E S フラワーズ
    i c e ~ c r e a m i c e ~ c r e a m
    Some of the Best Sounding VaporFunk Ever
    Thugga' Styles all the Way! ...
  4. Summertime EP
    by Dan Mason ダン·メイソン
  5. Do You Know the Way to Sleep (Slow Magic Remix)
    by Cuushe
    Total Dream Pop Masterpiece!
  6. D R E A M V I S I O N
    by I am Adam, of Eternia
    S O M E W H E R E__S O M E H O W S O M E W H E R E__S O M E H O W
    This album is for Chilling.
  7. 热带 D E S T I N A T I O N : 放松和享受!
    by A Digital Compilation Curated By Captain T.V.
    ULTRA ウルトラ - E A R L Y M O R N I N G (焦らないで) ULTRA ウルトラ - E A R L Y M O R N I N G (焦らないで)
    Pure Vaporwave Styles, So Good.
  8. Haunted
    by Another Green World
    Mosaic Mosaic
    ...Catchy Rolling Rolling Rhythms With Faded Harmonized Vocals.
    Another great album from Aother Green World.
  9. Gold
    by Hazy Mountains
    'Chillwave' / 'Dream Pop' With a Sweet 'Glo Fi' Style.
    ...Feels like you're melting ^_^
  10. Neon Beige
    by 회사AUTO
    Goes Around Goes Around
    The track 'Goes Around' has an extremely tight funk groove, very addictive vibe. Nice album.
  11. Caught The Breeze
    by Boat Club
    Warmer climes Warmer climes
    Beautifully melodic album with really nice guitar riffs and deep atmospheric, vocals.
  12. YESOD
    by RUMTUM
  13. All For You
    by t e l e p a t h
  14. Delorean EP
    by PersonaNonGrata
  15. Fantasy
    by Night Tempo
  16. Memorial
    by Another Green World
  17. Vektroid Texture Maps
    by Vektroid
  18. Godzilla Saves Earth
    by Groovy Godzilla
  19. Static Animal
    by Static Animal
  20. Meet Local Singles
    by Lasership Stereo
  21. dreaming EP
    by linanthem
  22. U Melt Me
    by Fla.mingo
  23. AIRGLOW | Memory Bank
    by AIRGLOW
    Electrifying Landscape Electrifying Landscape
    Absolutely incredible collection of tracks. Extremely great work :)
  24. Tea Leaves
    by Lotus Bloom
    Oolong Oolong
    Very progressive sound with evocative little soundscapes.
    Really well put together album.
  25. メモリーレーン (reissue)
    常連客 常連客
    Sexy Funk Vibes keep this album beautifully upbeat with some sweet disco twists.
    Great material.....
  26. Another Chance
    by AWITW
    Discoveries Discoveries
    All out Retro Synthwave which complements those 80's style keyboard melodies...Nice ^_^
  27. Tear
    by Blackbird Blackbird
    It's Blackbird Blackbird..
    That's why it's Amazing..
    Press Play..>
  28. Caught The Breeze
    by Boat Club
    Warmer Climes Warmer Climes
    Seriously, hugely Chilled Sounds from Boat Club. No mor need be said.... So lovely
  29. degrees of freedom
    by Renjā
  30. STRFKR/Champagne Champagne
    by STRFKR
  31. Chillwave [single]
    by Galatée
  32. Murmur [single]
    by Galatée
  33. Los Angeles EP
    by FM-84
  34. Nostalgia
    by The Northern Lights
  35. Coast
    by Slicarus
  36. Thistle EP
    by Manatee Commune
  38. Clear (Boreta Remix)
    by Christopher Willits
  39. Echo Chamber
    by Stumbleine
  40. Excerpts from Lala Land
    by 1969年
  41. The 80's Dream Compilation Tape - Vol. 3
    by NewRetroWave
  42. healing
    by In Love With A Ghost
  43. Vault Vol. 1
    by STRFKR
  44. Borderline
    by Duett
  45. BUY NOW: Vapor Trap Virtual Vol.1
    by Various Artists