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  1. Dreaming Spaces
    by Max Corbacho
  2. Dreampiece
    by Devin Townsend
  3. Silence & Surrender (Ace Buchannon Remix)
    by C Z A R I N A, Ace Buchannon
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  4. Har
    by Dordeduh
  5. Left Unsaid
  6. Enemies Inside
    by C Z A R I N A, Straplocked
  7. Painted Holograms
    by C Z A R I N A
  8. Wonderland
    by C Z A R I N A
  9. Til The Last Star
    by C Z A R I N A
  10. The Valkyrie (Immigrant Song)
    by C Z A R I N A
  11. In The Line Of Fire
    by C Z A R I N A, Chris Keya, DeadlyKawaii
  12. Atomic: Ad Initivm
    by C Z A R I N A
  13. SHINE
    by Gigolette
    Wow, strong contender here for catchiest vocal synthwave album! Gigolette came out of nowhere, yet manages to strike lightning in a bottle by bringing out all the hooks and great variety on every single track. Seriously, I've played this 10 times on repeat and I'm still struggling to pick a favorite! Gigolette herself has a lovely, sublime voice that perfectly compliments every lick of pop and rock presented here. Shine is a sterling reminder of why I love synthwave when it's at its best!
  14. Exo
    by Tineidae
  15. Inner Demons
    by Megan McDuffee
  16. Starship Velociraptor
    by Galactikraken & Jonathan Young
  17. Wayfarer
    by Tinmixer
  18. Missed The Noise
    by Chiasm
    Intertwined Intertwined
    Been following Chiasm since way back in '09, and while I always loved Emileigh's unique and eclectic blend of electopop and industrial, this new album absolutely hits the mark in every way imaginable. All killer, no filler! Dare I say, after a few full listens, I think Emileigh and John Fryer may have crafted a masterpiece here, now edging out 11:11 as my favorite Chiasm release. Well done guys, and fantastic collab!
  19. Listen
    by Liya
    Holding On Holding On
    Liya turned out to be quite the hidden surprise and a fantastic find! I can certainly hear hints of Cylab and The Birthday Massacre sprinkled throughout, but at the heart of it all, Liya's sublime and powerful vocal delivery really meshes well with the dark synths and elevates these songs to another level. I only wish there was more to discover, but perhaps Liya is just getting started. I really hope to hear more what Liya can come up with in the future as this is really great stuff!
  20. Cold Moon
    by Liya
    Kill the beast Kill the beast
    Excellent brooding dark pop by Liya! Compared to 2018's "Listen" EP, this one's a touch more downbeat, particularly with "Faded Memory" and "Only Half", but overall a solid and concise collection of songs. I'm really looking forward to what Liya comes up with next. If she were to ever come out with a full album, based off what all I've heard, I'd totally buy it!