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  1. show me the glint of Light
    by Scott Lawlor
    All the Yearnings All the Yearnings
    As I started into the first song I felt inspired with creative energy. Listening all the way through was like embarking on an inner journey feeling safe and returning to my inner child. This album encourages positive introspection and desire to ascend beyond life's challenges. It is a perfect meditation tool or for simply calming the mind. This album is a beautiful reminder to still yourself. There is beauty all around us!
  2. The full moon series Volume 05 - May The Milk Moon
    by Scott Lawlor
    The full moon series Volume 05 - May The Milk Moon The full moon series Volume 05 - May The Milk Moon
    Being fairly new to the ambient genre, I had always found it difficult listening to the same song for any stretch of time lasting longer than 6-7 minutes. 15 minutes into the first song I realized I had lost track of time! This is the effect of the Full Moon Series. I felt as though I was anticipating a great celestial event where time means something completely different and you are transported to another place.
  3. Car Park Of Dead Dreams
    by Kiera Osment
    Paper Hats Paper Hats
  4. feeling Tears
    by Scott Lawlor
  5. Morphine Crush
    by lola demo
    Morphine Crush Morphine Crush
    A work of heart and soul! All at once gritty and smooth with caramel vocals in a lovely, low register that pours on down to the roots of true emotion. Open and fearless, this is.
  6. The Blues Now and Then Again
    by Kathleen Martin
    Busier-than-thou Blues Busier-than-thou Blues
  7. Are You Armed
    by Anda Volley
    Are You Armed - feat. Toufik Are You Armed - feat. Toufik
    It's hard to choose a favorite, here! I love the whole thing! Anda's words find their way through the ears and into the heart. Her style and voice captures and I find myself sitting still at the storyteller's feet.