This is Fabio Scagliola’s music collection on Bandcamp.

Fabio Scagliola

  1. Lugano, Switzerland
  2. Metal
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  1. リハビリの美しい日々
    by P U D E R P O L L I
  2. There and Back Again Prints
    by Various Artists
  3. There and Back Again Prints
    by Various Artists
  4. m3m0ry 2k
    by MindSpring Memories / Y 2 K
  5. Dreamscapes
    by Second∞Sight
  6. 現実の崩壊
    by S O A R E R
  7. Sea of Souls
    by Phorme
  8. Tales
    by The Chasing Monster
  9. Le Rêve Revisité
    by Petridisch
  10. セラフ
    by binary deconstructed
  11. The Moonlight Saga
    by Lost Cascades
  12. Temple
    by Gates of Siam
  13. The Possessor (Remastered)
    by Cryostasium
  14. ❄☁❄☁❄☁❄☁❄ (Expanded)
    by MindSpring Memories
  15. ΔIRΔ
    by various artists
  16. 牧歌的な生き方
    by 放浪者
  17. Celestial Blues
    by King Woman
  18. I Was A Soldier
    by Hanging Garden
  19. Backwoods Sessions
    by Hanging Garden
  20. November Dawn
    by Hanging Garden