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Floating Frenchman

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  1. Black Focus
    by Yussef Kamaal
    Lowrider Lowrider
  2. Earthlight
    by Horizon Fire
    Return To Astoria Return To Astoria
    An epic odyssey, magnificent and breathtaking !
  3. Epoch
    by Tycho
    Glider Glider
    Complex, fulfilled with a splendid energy, this album speaks directly to my soul ! :)
  4. Chronopoly
    by Town Portal
    Chronoceros Chronoceros
    Beautiful, elegant, wild and very well-inspired ! These guys are talented and I like their approach to music.
  5. ∞ (+Bonus)
    by 7he Myriads
    Megapolis (Bonus Track) Megapolis (Bonus Track)
    I love the energy and the joy given to me by the music produced by these guys ! I like the different atmospheres of each track and the care taken to the quality of the sound.
  6. Consequenced
    by D-Pulse
    Astronomers Astronomers
    Quality and beauty are the words which qualify the best the tracks of this album. I especially appreciate the excellent sound of the guitars and the harmony between the various instruments used, guitars, synths, drums and additional electronic effects. Bravo D-Pulse ! :)
  7. Crystal City
    by Robert Parker
    Guilty Pleasure Guilty Pleasure
    One of the most elegant and brilliant album of synthwave. It's an unique jewel, shiny and very-well crafted ! On each track there is a particular mood reminiscent of the eighties combined with the energy and subtlety of the XXIth sound.
  8. Sigils
    by Vulta
    She's Got Skin Like Glass She's Got Skin Like Glass
    Tour à tour décoiffant, sensible, cruel, angoissant, énigmatique, énergique ou galvanisant, cet album est juste génial ! Le style mélangeant électro et métal est superbe, rien à redire, merci Vulta ! :)
  9. Headway
    by zoto
    bloom bloom
    In a nutshell : marvellous !
  10. Odyssey
    by HOME
    Oort Cloud Oort Cloud
  11. Before The Night
    by HOME
    Overflow Overflow
    With this album, I feel at Home and so comfy. The style is fluid, delicate and so enjoyable ! A true delight for the ears !
  12. Severant
    by Kuedo
    Flight Path Flight Path
    Magnificent album with a lot of character ! I'm in love with it from the very first listening.
  13. Continuum (Album)
    by Shook
    Within Within
    It's a Superb, Harmonious Odyssey On Keyboard ! The sound of Shook is a little bit different from his previous album Spectrum but the magic always works so well. This opus is like a walk in the garden of emotions, among joy, love souvenirs and melancholia.
  14. Visitors
    by Lazerhawk
    Lazerhawk's Theme Lazerhawk's Theme
    Listening to this album is like being in a shuttle about to take off from earth and beginning a wonderful voyage through the void of space. The sound of this album is simply splendid !
  15. Nu
    by CN
    Anubis Anubis
    A magnificent album, brilliantly evoking the myths and legends of the ancient gods of Egypt. Realised with a touch of magic and a lot of talent, it's a real pleasure to listen to it !
  16. Planetarium
    by 7he Myriads
    Altair Altair
    I love this album, full of energy and joy. Each track is like a new constellation in the sky, fantastic and mesmerizing ! There is a refreshing and invigorating sound in all this beautiful space journey proposed by 7he Myriads.
  17. Spectrum (Album)
    by Shook
    Milestones Milestones
    I know Shook's music for a year now and this album has been an amazing experience for me. It's like an incredible explosion of joy when I listen to it, it makes me feel happy and I wanna dance instantly ! I like very much the fantastic mood and the wonderful melodies Shook has created. A GREAT album !! :)
  18. Way Past Your Bedtime
    by unitrΔ_Δudio
    Next to You Next to You
    A very-well inspired album, each track is a voyage ! With these soft and refined melodies, we can easily understand and appreciate the quality of the work which was realized here. I haven't heard about this artist before, so this is a splendid discovery for me !